Saturday Sounds, October 28, 2023 – E’LAST, SUPERKIND, YOUNITE

Catching up with these great new tracks from E’LAST, SUPERKIND and YOUNITE on this Saturday!

“Kiss Me Baby” by E’LAST

Always great to have some fresh E’LAST music! A very underrated group. But their latest release “Kiss Me Baby” should help turn new fans on to the talented guys. It is a great dance track with an eye-catching performance. The album iDENTIFICATION might be their strongest one yet as well. Rock/metal track “Neverland,” bright and cheerful dance track “Together,” ballad “rain” and the previously released “Thrill” together with “Kiss Me Baby” is an excellent showcase for E’LAST’s charms and talents.

“Beam Me Up (2Dx3D)” by SUPERKIND

All seven human and AI members of SUPERKIND have finally come together for a track. And like their released singles so far, “Beam Me Up (2Dx3D)” is a catchy and energetic dance track. When it comes to new releases, I always watch the title track’s MV first before listening to the rest of the album later. So I wondered what the “2Dx3D” in the title meant. Turns out it is a hybrid mix of two tracks “Speed (2D)” and “Beam Me Up (3D),” both on the album.

I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that as the blending of the tracks is quite seamless. Especially after listening to the individual tracks on their own. Both good as well and interestingly giving off different vibes on their own than when together. It’s also interesting that “Beam Me Up (2Dx3D)” sounds better than other K-pop tracks that aren’t hybrid mixes of two or more tracks, but very obviously sound like they are. And in a negative way. Like, those tracks that sound like they decided to chop up several songs and paste them together. Not caring whether or not they actually work together as a single song.

So with that already, “Beam Me Up (2Dx3D)” is a miles ahead of a lot of other title tracks. And I quite enjoy it.

The album also has the track “Mugshot (SMMG),” a moody dance track that compliments the other three songs well.

“Love it” by YOUNITE

Great to have YOUNITE back with a new album as well! The R&B-pop title track “Love It” is a perfect autumn song with its sweet and warm vibes. The rest of the album BIT Part.2 includes the guitar-powered pop-rock “Chili Pop,” mellow hip-hop tracks “F!zzy Soda Love” and “Cupcake”. But my favorite track might be the closing midtempo R&B fan song “A Star Called You”. A solid comeback from YOUNITE.

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