Filipino Friday, September 29, 2023 – G22, VXON, BINI, New:ID

It’s Friday in the Philippines! So here’s four fresh P-pop tracks from G22, VXON, BINI and New:ID!

“Musika” by G22

I really enjoyed G22’s “Boomerang” earlier this year. And by now, they are very much a part of why I think Cornerstone Entertainment is the leading P-pop company today with their four excellent groups. G22 just recently announced the departure of one member. But the release of “Musika,” which is a cover version of the original by Dionela, feels like an announcement that the group is definitely not going anywhere. And it might even signal a bit of a change of pace for them too. “Musika” and its stripped down, somewhat acoustic pop vibe is very different from their other releases. But I very much enjoy this as it shows off their strong vocals in a way I did not appreciate before. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing and hearing what they will offer moving forward.

“Sandal” by VXON

Their CS older brother group VXON is also back this week with the release of “Sandal.” The heavy R&B track has the group oozing charisma as they deliver the sexy, flirtatious lyrics with a confidence they’ve definitely showcased in every one of their releases so far. The group has very much had a diversified discography so far. But their strong, confident and engaging performances are a common thread between them all. Another great track from VXON.

“Karera” by BINI

It was great reading BINI is back with some fresh music. And “Karera” is fresh indeed. The talented ladies (with their strong vocals) deliver bright summery vibes with an encouraging message that overall make for an easily enjoyable and appealing track. Looking forward to hearing the rest of their upcoming EP.

“E.R” by New:ID

I had to do several double takes after watching and listening to “E.R” by New:ID. From MLD Entertainment, the group features former contestants from Dream Maker, the Filipino co-production reality series that produced HORI7ON. As the song played, I first surprised that it was in Filipino. I had assumed, even though this is a pre-debut track, that it would be in Korean. Then something about the song felt so familiar. With every second, I started racking my brain, thinking “Where have I heard this before?!” Then I realized, this must be a Filipino-language cover of Dalmatian/DMTN’s “E.R”. I thought that was an interesting and random choice. But then further Googling revealed that the writers and producers of the song Duble Sidekick were actually the ones who founded MLD Entertainment! And so my mind was blown. Lol

Anyway, it is a solid performance from the group. But it will be interesting to see what they offer up next. I have no idea if they are also mainly promoting in Korea as a K-pop group or if they will be a P-pop group or I dunno. So I will stay tuned!

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