Music Monday, September 25, 2023 – HELLO GLOOM, POW, TEMPEST, EVNNE, JO1

Some great releases this week from HELLO GLOOM, POW, TEMPEST, EVNNE and JO1.

“Heaven on Earth” by HELLO GLOOM

Na Ungjae aka HELLO GLOOM is back with another excellent vibe of a song. “Heaven on Earth” is a pop-R&B track that allows for another irresistible performance from the talented multi-hyphenate artist. It will definitely be on my year-end list, no question.

Check out this “Heaven Ver.” Live clip as well:

“Favorite” by POW

Pre-release track “Favorite” is definitely a great introduction to rookie group POW. It is an unexpectedly rock-based track that is able to bring about this mature youthfulness. A vibe that contributes to a very appealing nostalgic aura that is able to immediately endear the rookies. I’m definitely looking forward to what they are about to offer with their official debut. Especially with FIlipino-Korean member Youn Dongyeon! Very exciting!

“Vroom Vroom” by TEMPEST

TEMPEST has released some great music so far. And “Vroom Vroom” continues that with a bit of an upgraded energy. The powerful and charismatic performance shows off the group’s growth that they’ve effortlessly displayed with every release. “Vroom Vroom” takes those extra steps forward for the group as they look to begin a new series of releases with this vibe and style. Very exciting from these talented rookies!

“Trouble” by EVNNE

EVNNE make their debut with a very attention-grabbing title track in “Trouble”. It’s hard not to start moving along to the addictive beat and rhythm of the dance track. I’m usually not a fan of lyric-less choruses. But “Trouble” is so far an exception to that for me. The charismatic energy the group exudes with their performance really pulls you in. The rest of the album is also solid with the closing pop ballad “Even More” a highlight for me. A strong debut for them.

“Venus” by JO1

JO1 releases their latest album featuring a mix of their recent singles and new tracks. “Venus” is one of those new tracks and the marquee single for this album release. And it certainly fits that position. The soaring pop dance track is reminiscent of the tracks from JO1 that I enjoy the most. That kind of nostalgic, atmospheric dance track. So I definitely enjoy this track and the accompanying music video.

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