Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 9, Episode 8 – “Screw ‘a minute’.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 9, Episode 8 – I Should Have Made Snowmen

The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap

Teams begin the 8th Leg of the Race by being warned of a Double Pass as they make their way to Saguenay, Quebec. Teams must first take a train to Montreal and then fly to Saguenay. On the train ride, Ben & Anwar and Tyler & Kayleen agree to target Ty & Kat. Later, Ben & Anwar also approach Deven & Amanda for their plan.

Upon arrival in Saguenay, teams will find the next clue hidden in a compartment in a 2024 Chevy Silverado which they will drive to Rio Tinto Arvida Research and Development Center. Here, teams will use a high-powered microscope to search for a nanosized French word etched into the aluminum that is produced in this region.

Jermaine & Justin find a word first and give Deven & Amanda some advice before leaving. Ty & Kat are next, followed by Deven & Amanda and then Tyler & Kayleen. Both Deven & Amanda and Tyler & Kayleen give Ben & Anwar, who arrive last, some tips as they leave too.

The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap

After the aluminum, teams will face the Detour: Snow or Go. In Snow, teams must find the snow chamber at the Universite du Quebec and recreate a nice snowman picture on a frame of snow. In Go, teams will head to Centre Amusement SPK. One team member will hop into a go-kart while their partner will time them using a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Teams must cross the finish line at exactly one minute and the timing team member will guide their partners through two-way radio.

All the teams choose the go-karts. Tyker & Kayleen pass on their first attempt followed by Jermaine & Justin on their 3rd, Ty & Kat on their 4th and Deven & Amanda on their 3rd as well. As they leave, Deven & Amanda give Ben & Anwar tips again. Ben & Anwar end up passing on their first attempt.

Teams must now make their way to Pont d’aluminum d’Arvida where they will find the Double Pass. But in last, Ben & Anwar are shocked that no one has actually been Passed.

The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap

After the Double Pass, teams must drive to La Baie and find Centre Plein Air Bec-Scie. Here, teams must deliver a traditional tourtiere meat pie through an obstacle course to a hungry waiting customer in the woods.

Ty and Kayleen do the entire obstacle course while Deven & Amanda switch off at appropriate obstacles for their skills. Ben & Anwar move up to 4th as Jermaine & Justin fall to last after getting lost. They also have trouble with the obstacles, it appears.

After the tourtiere, teams will face the Road Block: Who wants to be a rock star? The clue informs team that “this is a rock climb over deep water.”

The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap

For this Road Block, teams will head to the Saguenay Fjord where they will navigate a via ferrata. Along the way, they must spot and memorize two alphanumeric keys to solve a code, the number of letters in the alphabet in reverse order. They will use that code to decipher the location of the next Pit Stop: La Pulperie

The two Tylers wait as their partners perform the Road Block. The Tylers are suspicious of Amanda and Anwar arriving next together.

Kay and Kayleen figure out the key and ask for a check of their answers. They can now head to the Pit Stop at La Pulperie de Chicoutimi. Tyler & Kayleen step on the Mat first and win a trip to Valparaiso, Chile. Ty & Kat settle for 2nd.

The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap

Amanda and Anwar work together to decipher the clue while Justin gets on the via ferrata. The two teams hurry off to the Pit Stop together. Ben & Anwar step on the Mat in 3rd with Deven & Amanda securing 4th.

That means Jermaine & Justin are finally eliminated.

The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap The Amazing Race Canada 9 Episode 8 recap

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode. It felt like there were a lot of tasks, but then they squeezed most of the tasks into the first half of the episode and then spent the second half on the via ferrata Road Block and faux suspense to the Pit Stop. So it felt a bit awkward with its pacing.

The aluminum task was interesting. I think they could’ve done something more physical at the facility having to do with aluminum though. A very fascinating place.

The Detour was meh. Too bad no one did the snowman side of the Detour. Looked like a good tedious task. The go-kart Detour was kind of boring and doesn’t seem representative of the area. But at least, I guess, it was another Samsung promo opportunity.

I’m glad no one used the Pass since it’s really a dumb twist and power anyway.

The tourtiere task should’ve been a Road Block. Or have teams be forced to swap every other obstacle. Or have both team members do it instead. Very random task to have in the middle.

Finally, the Road Block was alright as well. But I think it wasn’t as mentally difficult as it could’ve been Not so much annoyed by the working together here, but it didn’t seem like Amanda and Anwar just gave each other answers. I dunno.

The Pit Stop looked like a great location. And yes, finally! They have been eliminated.

Team Thoughts

Goodbye! Their farewell montage was annoying only because it painted a positive picture of them from the Race. Ugh. Oh well, at least Jermaine & Justin are finally gone.

The other teams are alright. Ben & Anwar taking the lead in potential alliance shenanigans was interesting. And even more funny that no one used the Pass anyway. I certainly was afraid Anwar and Amanda would just give each other the answer. But it didn’t seem that way. So it’s alright.

Overall, a good final four.

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