Thursday Tunes, July 6, 2023 – WEi, 8TURN, Han Seung Woo, ITZY, OWV

Lots of great songs this week that definitely could’ve made my …So Far list last Monday! Enjoy these new tracks from WEi, 8TURN, Han Seung Woo, ITZY and OWV.

“Overdrive” by WEi

What a joy of a title track from WEi! “Overdrive” is a perfect summer song. But it’s just great vibes all around that transcends the season. The bright music video filmed in the Philippines definitely sets the mood of a fun adventure with people you care about. The chorus is one of the most catchy refrains this year. (I think the TikTok dance previews definitely played a part in that lol) But you also can’t help but dance along whenever you hear it as well.

“Excel” by 8TURN

8TURN had a very strong debut earlier this year. And they make their first comeback with another strong release. Title track “Excel” is an energetic and confident rock-infused hip-hop dance track that has the group delivering an effortless performance. And the rest of the album Uncharted Drift is a great follow up to their debut.

“Dive Into” by Han Seung Woo

VICTON’s Han Seung Woo makes his first solo comeback since completing his military service. And “Dive Into” is a perfect track to remind everyone of his talent and charisma. His smooth moves and silky vocals really bring the sensual R&B track to life. The rest of the album Frame has another similar vibe in “Flutter,” some rock-infused tracks like “Runnin’ High,” “Burn” and “Lovelorn” and sweet ballad “End of Dawn.” A strong return for Seung Woo!

“Bet on Me” by ITZY

ITZY’s “Bet on Me” is a pleasant surprise. Coupled with a cinematic music video, the group’s latest release is a bit of a departure from their releases so far. Instead of the striking, big concept ideas of their recent releases, “Bet on Me” is a subdued, but no less impactful song. Its empowering lyrics talk of finding the confidence to move forward. And the midtempo, though still energetic pop, rock and R&B melody allow for the group to deliver vocal performances that may usually be reserved for their B-side tracks rather than their uniquely creative titles. “Bet on Me” might be different, but it is a welcome arrival for the talented group. Probably their biggest opportunity since debut to really showcase what they are capable of and the full package. It certainly sets the stage for their upcoming mini-album release which hopefully is of a similar vibe to this wonderful track.

“Gamer” by OWV

OWV releases one great song after another and in diverse genres too. And “Gamer” is no different. The rock-powered track is an addictive, energetic track that has no problem getting you bobbing your head along with every drumbeat and guitar riff. Though this song was released a few weeks ago, I am only now getting a chance to check it out. But had I done so earlier, it definitely would’ve made my mid-year favorites list. Needless to say, it’s secure a spot for my year-end list as well.

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