Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 36 – Yearning IV: Temporary Co-Op

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Michinaga gets overpowered by the Jyamato that’s eaten Archimedel. Beroba and Kekera approach Archimedel with an offer. They want him to target Sara in order to drive Keiwa into despair.

Niramu orders Tsumuri to make preparations for their departure from this world. Win asks if his memories will be erased too, but Niramu says he can be an exception. As long as he does something in return. Win isn’t too keen at first, but Niramu mentions that it involves Ace.

Later, Niramu meets with a surprised Ziin and tells him that the Grand End is approaching. Before that happens, Niramu asks Ziin for help with an unruly supporter by being an unbiased negotiator. Ziin is open to doing that only if Niramu tells him about Ace’s mother. Niramu says he already has someone looking into it.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Downtown, Michinaga tells Ace about Archimedel’s return and the threat of new Jyamato children. Ace says it’s nice of Michinaga to inform him, but Michinaga is too shy.

After Michinaga leaves, Win shows himself to Ace and explains that Niramu tasked him with digging into what’s happened to Mama Mitsume in preparation for the DGP abandoning this world. But when that happens Ace will lose all his memories.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Back in the greenroom, Keiwa continues to hide behind the tanuki and they have a conversation with Sara and Neon. Sara asks Neon what kind of world she is wishing for and Neon explains her entire story.

Sara cannot believe it. Neon says she never intended to deceive her viewers. And because of that, she wants everyone to forget that she exists. Sara does not want to forget her, but Neon says she’ll find a new livestreamer to fangirl over eventually.

Sara excuses herself to process everything she’s just learned.

Keiwa comes crawling out and asks Neon what’s next for her in the event that everyone forgets her. She tells Keiwa about Kyuun inviting her to the future. But Keiwa asks if that’s what Neon herself really wants.

Neon says she does not know. Which is why, Keiwa says, Neon should not go and instead stay with him and Sara.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Neon says she’s just an outsider, but Keiwa says that does not matter. They’ve fought side by side this entire time and even if she doesn’t feel the same way, he considers her a friend.

Neon’s never had friends. But Keiwa says the world has room for everyone to be happy.

Over in the audience rooms, Niramu meets with Papa Kurama asking if he will keep his memories or have them erased in preparation for the Grand End. Papa Kurama lets out a sarcastic laugh, saying that the Future People just see every world and the happiness and misery of its peoples as disposable playthings.

Niramu asks how Papa Kurama defines “happiness” because he himself knows what it is considering he’s produced many DGP seasons over the years. He knows Papa Kurama will find his happiness soon enough.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

That evening, Ace visits Michinaga who has drawn sketches of the five remaining Riders. Ace adds another one, Punk Jack and Michinaga is quite impressed by Ace’s intricate drawing.

The two sit down for some oden using the ingredients Ace brought with him. Ace asks Michinaga what the point of hunting Riders is now. He believes Michinaga has played the antihero enough.

Ace points out how being eliminated by a Jyamato means you are dead dead. But being defeated by a Rider returns them to their old lives at least, even if without their memories. Michinaga has been trying to save Riders this whole time.

Michinaga says he’s just teaching idiots a lesson. Ace asks if Michinaga would just leave a Rider for dead if it was being attacked by a Jyamato. Michinaga says he does not care.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Next day, Sara is watching Neon’s videos before the noon resumption of the DR. When the two of them meet in the game area, Neon bows in apology. But Sara says she should be the one to apologize about forcing Neon to do something against her happiness. She realizes she has no right to hold Neon back just for her own satisfaction.

Sara says she will find a way to remember Neon, even if her memories get wiped out. She hopes they can win this.

Keiwa sticks close to them as they eventually run into the Archimedel Jyamato. Watching from a cliff, Ace tells Michinaga to wait for a moment.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Accompanied by basic Jyamato, Archimedel is focused solely on targeting Sara and are able to knock her Driver out of her hands. Neon henshins and tries to hold off some Jyamato.

But Archimedel is ready to finish Sara off for good. Keiwa struggles with what to do, but decides to hurry in to save his sister. He henshins and pleads with his sister to run for safety.

Neon tells Keiwa to get Sara to safety while she holds the Jyamato back.

Ace asks Michinaga again, Would he let a Rider die by Jyamato hands?

Now safely away from the clearing, Sara asks why Keiwa is a Rider again. Keiwa says he just wanted to keep her safe. But Sara points out that’s exactly her reason for Keiwa as well. Before they begin to argue, Neon jumps in and settles the tension by having everyone acknowledge that they are very caring siblings.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Neon hands Sara her Driver. Sara says this now involves more than just them two. Sara wants to win for her fave Neon and her dream and she can’t have Keiwa protecting her all the time.

Keiwa and Neon are proud of Sara’s growth.

Back at the clearing, Ace and Michinaga face off against Archimedel and his childrens.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Ace says Riders shouldn’t be fighting each other since the real enemies are the Future People who have made a mockery of their world. Archimedel is one of those people.

Ace and Michinaga henshin and battle Archimedel. Their teamwork powers them both up. Ace hopes Michinaga can continue to fight for his ideals.

Michinaga uphenshins to MonsterZombie and together with Ace, they are able to destroy the Jyamato and release Archimedel.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Archimedel stumbles back to the greenhouse. With his dying breaths, he hopes his children will continue to live on using his fertilizer. He wishes they find a world of happiness for themselves.

Beroba is disappointed with Archimedel’s uselessness. But she picks up the few Core IDs Archimedel had left. Ziin pops up and asks for the Vision Driver. He doesn’t want to fight, but to negotiate instead. He tells them the Grand End is near and says the show would’ve continued longer if Beroba did not meddle.

Beroba says she will savor every last drop of human misery in the meantime. Ziin asks if she is sure of going against Sueru since anyone who does not make it through the Gate at the Grand End will cease to exist.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 36 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

A pretty good episode, relatively speaking. I have to take every episode on its own with Geats since me trying to look back at the path to get to the episode, I know I won’t find much. So on its own, this was actually a great episode. Fun and exciting. And thankfully focused on our main characters. What a refreshing change!

First of all, I quite admire the way Geats has introduced then dropped big character details through the season just so they have something to randomly pick back up later on for an episode plot. Lol

I don’t necessarily think that’s good writing. Or even intentional. Just a clever and convenient thing to help fill out the rest of the season I guess. Lol

I will say Sara being a huge Neon fangirl is one of those things. Sara wanting to do everything for her livestreamer idol is kinda goofy. But hey, I personally wouldn’t participate in a deadly Squid Game reality show just so a livestreamer can disappear from people’s minds. lol

They honestly didn’t need to include that part. Sara being empathetic to Neon, while having her main focus continue to be protecting her brother should have been enough. And actually much more powerful. Especially if they are still to touch upon Papa and Mama Sakurai’s deaths as a big piece in the endgame puzzle.

Just an unnecessary and goofy detail to add.

On the flipside, you know, early on in the season, there were some Keiwa-Neon sparks. And then they dropped that. But that scene between them this episode would’ve been so amazing if they had continued to build upon some potential romantic angle between them. Heck, even just a close friendship, to be honest. Because Keiwa going “No don’t go! Stay for us. … For me!” would have been one of THE moments of the season if they had properly developed that angle of the story.

Having that scene be about Neon finally finding the love of family (hey sister in law!) and maybe even a boyfriend? Perfect!

I did like them specifically including how Neon has basically been kind of a jerk to Keiwa who has been really nice to her. ‘You may not feel the same way, but I consider you a friend.” A great line. And Neon actually paused to think.

Having them build up a Keiwa-Neon friendship (or more) also opens up the possibility of a jealous Kyuun exacting revenge on Keiwa. Because I don’t trust any of the fans, to be honest. And having all the Future People (minus Tsumuri?) actually be nefarious antagonists would help enhance the challenge our heroes (the Core Four™) face as we head toward the endgame. Err… Grand End.

But it goes along with how there are some legitimately interesting reasons and motivations for people to join Squid Grand Prix. But the show has seemed to downplay those stronger reasons and just made everything less serious. I guess to shine the spotlight on Ace’s goal and desire about his mother? I dunno. But this episode made me think of how there’s really just a couple of simple narrative choices that could’ve been made instead that could have easily made the season much more interesting and exciting.

Which brings us to the bromance we deserved from the beginning! It was great to see the Ace-Michinaga scene. Again, kind of shallow and you need to just take it at face value. When in reality, they could’ve also stuck with developing their characters and relationship more in order to highlight their drive as Riders. Contrasting ideals, but a shared and learned respect between them. We maybe got stuff like that once every six episodes, if that.

But like everything else this season, there’s just a lack of consistency and momentum. Too much jumping around. Too much unnecessary shifting of focus towards irrelevant things. When all along, the more interesting, exciting and fun story is right there under the surface.

Anyway, talk about interesting, I actually think they can still muster up a satisfying end somehow. I think that’s possible for me only because I don’t outright dislike these people or am annoyed by them like certain other seasons. *cough*should I even say which?*cough* If anything, I do like them. I just wish they were more interesting or endearing or I don’t even know. That indescribable connection you have with them as the main characters. There’s still a thin thread hanging on between me and them. But it’s there. And it allows to simply enjoy episodes like this one. Even if I might still have plenty of regrets for how we got here.

11 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 36 – Yearning IV: Temporary Co-Op

  1. Yes I agree keiwa X neon X kyuun at least I am not the only one who is getting this love triangle vibes and TBH keiwa will be a better option for neon than kyuun
    Reason – kyuun wants neon to be with him In future and casually accepted neon (not so good) wish
    Meanwhile keiwa who wants neon to move on from the dark truth to start a new life
    They are like Wes jen alex from power rangers time force keiwa is wes neon is jen and kyuun is alex

    1. OOOOO! I like that Time Force comparison!
      Yes, I wish they had leaned in more to a potential love triangle-type story. It would fit very well with Neon’s own story about finding love and bonds. We’ll see! They still have time if they like.

    1. They could’ve been if they had done more before this episode! 😢 They really should’ve made that relationship be a big part of their stories. We’ll see what they do with them moving forward.

  2. Dunno which part you refer about Neon being a jerk to Keiwa, or if it’s just him thinking she’d not consider him one, but yeah, if it’s regarding Dezastar part then, the missions are forced. Any Rider can be put in that position too including Keiwa, though… ofc actual terrible Riders like Daichi doesn’t need those missions to be cruel to others. It’s unknown what are the previous mission cards before, but yeah, her behavior in the beginning felt OOC and I thought she’s the suspect for that.

    If it’s regarding this episode, seems that due to her upbringing, Neon doesn’t recognize well what is friendship or love, without realizing that she has been both on the receiving end and being the giver of it to others.

    1. No, it has nothing to do with the Dezastar. There have been times when she’s just been plain mean to him. Thinking he’s some kind of weirdo or creep when he’s been nothing but nice to her the entire time. This is after the beginning when they seemed to actually be quite close, especially with their shared experience. But then she suddenly turns into a Mean Girl and the typical “Ewe boys” or “I’m better than you” attitude. It’s not a constant thing (like everything else this season), but it was either her being mean to him or at most, just tolerating his presence.

      1. “But then she suddenly turns into a Mean Girl and the typical “Ewe boys” or “I’m better than you” attitude.” that is what I actually refer about the Dezastar part (happened at the beginning of the arc)? If you’d meant the scene with Sae. Yeah, it’s not brought up yet for now, but Dezastar isn’t playing the game normally, but are forced to actually start shit to others (with mission cards) – yeah that Sae scene is how I suspected that she’s OOC thus the actual Dezastar, she’s maybe playing her mission card at that time that asks to be mean or such.

  3. Solid episode. I take this season episode to episode now too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

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