Music Monday, May 15, 2023 – ONEUS, AIMERS, MUSTB, THE7

Strong comebacks from ONEUS, AIMERS, MUSTB and THE7

“Erase Me” by ONEUS

ONEUS returns and makes for a fresh start with their latest comeback title track “Erase Me.” The EDM-infused emo pop track allows for another charismatic and dramatic performance from the talented group.

“Bubble” by AIMERS

Rookie group AIMERS is back with a great song. “Bubble” is a bright, catchy pop-dance track. The group exudes charm with their strong performance. And it is an immediately enjoyable track.

“Royalty” by MUSTB

MUSTB is back with their 4th single album. And title track “Royalty” is a bright rock-infused pop song. MUSTB delivers an energetic performance as they sing of the hopeful and heartfelt lyrics. The group members participated in rap-making and songwriting, making the song even more meaningful. A great comeback!

“Chemistry” by THE7

Another bright track is “Chemistry” from Thai-Korean group THE7. The summery pop-dance track is also a song you can immediately enjoy. And it’s a great follow up to their energetic debut.

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