Thursday Tunes, April 27, 2023 – TEMPEST, DRIPPIN, Giuk, BF

Continuing my catch-up with some new releases, here are great tracks from TEMPEST, DRIPPIN, Giuk and BF!

“Dangerous” by TEMPEST

TEMPEST released some great music in their debut year. And their latest continues their streak with title track “Dangerous.” The catchy pop-dance track is an energetic and youthful song that allows the group to exude charisma and show off their vocal and performance talents.

“Seven Sins” by DRIPPIN

DRIPPIN exhibit their growth and maturity with their latest title track “Seven Sins.” The dark, sensual track continues the group’s forward steps in their sound and style. And the group has no problem delivering a captivating performance of the bold track.

“Time Machine (2100)” by Giuk

ONEWE’s Giuk marks a new beginning in his career as he makes his solo debut with the title track “Time Machine (2100).” The rousing pop-rock track really does a great job introducing Giuk, formerly going by CyA, as a solo artist to both fans and new listeners alike.

“Finale” by BF

BF, the group formerly known as Boyfriend, make their comeback with the great pop-rock track “Finale.” The group express the meaningful lyrics of the song with their harmonious vocals which in turn exude a sincerity and add to the song’s nostalgic vibes.

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