Music Monday, April 24, 2023 – Park Ji Hoon, KARD, JUST B, Kim Woo Seok

I’ve had some special features for Music Monday/Thursday Tunes the last few weeks, so I’m quite behind on some of the new music released lately. But I’ll catch up this week! Here’s four fresh tracks from Park Ji Hoon, KARD, JUST B and Kim Woo Seok.

“Blank Effect” by Park Ji Hoon

Park Ji Hoon’s “Blank Effect” is a nice step forward for the talented artist. The moody, dramatic dance track is a bit different from his previous releases. But his experience both on stage and on screen certainly allow his performance of the track feel effortless. The rest of his album Blank or Black is of a similar vibe to the title track. The one that grabbed my attention the most is “Matador.”

“Without You” by KARD

KARD is back with a song that I think exemplifies what they do best. “Without You” is the kind of confident, charismatic and sexy track that allows the group to exude those feels and then some in their performance. The tropical vibes and a R&B melody harken back to KARD’s earlier releases. And considering how it’s been a while since their last release, having “Without You” is a very welcome song to enjoy.

“Camellia” by JUST B

JUST B releases special single “Camellia” (Korean title: “I Hope the Warm Sunlight Falls on the Frozen Street Even for a Moment”) and it is a sweet pop ballad. The group might be best known for their charismatic title tracks. But they have some wonderful softer gems on their albums. And “Camellia” is a nice track to remind or perhaps introduce everyone to the group’s strong vocal talent.

“Dawn” by Kim Woo Seok

Kim Woo Seok returns with his latest title track “Dawn.” The sexy, dreamy R&B track is right up Kim Woo Seok’s alley. The charisma oozes through his performance with the vocals and in the music video.

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