Recap: Donbrothers Roll Call! The True Form of the Donbrothers!

Donbrothers Roll Call

The five Donbros are sitting quietly to themselves at Donbura. Haruka asks Tarou, since they’re all here at the moment, if they should be doing something while waiting for the enemy, Tarou says there’s no need to charge out there unnecessarily. Haruka thinks it would be great to have the five of them uniting as one team to defeat their enemies with explosive passion.

Donbrothers  Roll Call

Hearing this, Master Kaito puts out an alarm and the Donbros stand at attention. Kaito reports that an Entotsuki has appeared in the city. He says it is the Donbros responsibility to protect the peoples and that they should always stand tall.

Donbrothers Roll Call

The Donbros salute their commander before rushing to the scene. The five of them ensure all the civilians are able to run to safety.

Shinichi asks if they should take it slow and steady today. But Tarou says when the five of them are together, there’s nothing to fear so they should charge forward.

Donbrothers Roll Call

The Donbros set their Gears into their DonBlasters, henshin and do their roll call.

The Donbros take on the Entotsuki for a little bit before Tarou goes Alter. Tarou wears down the Entotsuki before the others join in to deliver a finisher and defeat it.

The Donbros celebrate their win and agree they are invincible when they are together. Especially with their strong bond.

Tarou says they have an eternal friendship and hopes they can fight alongside each other for a long time. The other four Donbros get emotional from Tarou’s kind words.

Donbrothers Roll Call Donbrothers Roll Call
Donbrothers Roll Call Donbrothers Roll Call

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They all bring their hands in for a cheer, but Tarou begins to laugh and slashes at each one of them. He wishes them to all do much more than just lollygag like old ladies.

The Donbros find themselves back at Donbura. Tsuyoshi says he really enjoyed this experience. But the important thing is they defeated the enemy. Tarou says there is no need to do anything beyond that.

Haruka takes a seat at the bar and asks Master Kaito for a café latte as the Donbros return to what they were, separately, doing.

Donbrothers Roll Call

Special Thoughts

Omg! Why am I only now watching this little special. It was just one of those little henshin lesson/season introduction thingys. But I absolutely love this alternate universe Donbrothers! One where our five Donbros (plus Jirou later on of course) are truly a “normal” and traditional Sentai team. All deploying when Commander Kaito sees them off at the sound of alarms at Donbura.

This was quite refreshing and definitely a lot of fun. I definitely miss the Donbros of course. But getting this little treat was a nice way to serve my Donbro craving.

Of course I’m still a bit disappointed that we didn’t get more full team interactions during the season. This little special probably made me even more sad in thar regard.

But again, Donbrothers was just a different approach to Sentai. And that ended up being one of its charms. Still, imagining Donbrothers as a more traditional Sentai is not a bad thing. We can hope for some movies or TTFC specials!

Anyway, I got such a wonderful, warm feeling seeing the Donbros running to the scene together and then locking their Gears in together and then doing their roll call and final pose.

Oh well! What could’ve been. But still awesome to have in this couple of minutes anyway. =)

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