Music Monday, April 3, 2023 – Xikers, Holland, JO1, WE:A

Fresh tracks from Xikers, Holland, JO1, WE:A

“Tricky House” by Xikers

I don’t know much about KQ Entertainment’s new boy group Xikers. But their debut title track “Tricky House” is definitely an attention-grabber. The first time I’m even seeing the group is through the music video. And it was a very interesting first impression considering the MV has them seemingly terrorizing a down and out salaryman in the subway. Lol But as the music video proceeds, it reveals an energetic, rousing performance from the rookies as they sing of being able to escape the mundane routines of the everyday. It’s a youthful energy that is very appealing especially for young rookies.

“Number Boy” by HOLLAND

Groundbreaking Korean artist Holland is finally back with his first new single in three years. “Number Boy” is a refreshing and introspective track that once again shows Holland’s fearless attitude and personality. The music video also features what might be Holland’s most captivating performance yet with an ethereal and dreamlike aura paired with striking visuals.

“Tiger” by JO1

Always great to have fresh music from JO1. And ‘Tiger” is a good one. I have no idea why or how to describe it, but “Tiger” feels the most K-pop-inspired track, performance and music video from JO1 yet. And that’s definitely not a bad thing at all. The creative team behind the full concept appears to be from Korea, so that is understandable. But I guess with JO1’s other releases so far, I still felt that distinct J-pop feel even with K-pop-inspired vibes. Regardless, “Tiger” is a strong, charismatic jam that you can easily vibe to once it starts playing.

“Day&Night by WE:A

Four former members of BIGFLO begin their next chapter as WE:A with the release of their first digital single. “Day&Night” is the title track and it is a charismatic performance for the experienced team. The melancholic melody lends itself to effectively supporting the bittersweet lyrics. And the group’s experience makes the vocals and performance seem effortless. I was (and still am) a fan of BIGFLO, so it’ll be great to follow WE:A.

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