Thursday Tunes, March 16, 2023 – CRAVITY, TAN, KAI, TWICE

Four songs to get you up and grooving this Thursday from CRAVITY, TAN, KAI and TWICE.

“Groovy” by CRAVITY

CRAVITY’s latest title track is aptly titled as it is definitely a “Groovy” song and performance. CRAVITY has definitely showed off their versatility before. And “Groovy” has the group back with a bright, yet still charismatic concept. The rest of their album MASTER:PIECE is very good with “A to Z” a first listen standout for me.

“Fix You” by TAN

TAN celebrates their first anniversary with the special release of “Fix You.” When I first watched the music video, I felt like the song was so familiar. And thanks to a quick trip to Google, I found out they had included some of the track as the intro to their debut album. The dramatic pop dance track is a charismatic performance from the talented group. And that performance accentuates the passionate lyrics they are able to bring to life. The song is accompanied by a cinematic music video and altogether, makes it my favorite release from them so far.

“Rover” by KAI

Kai makes his long-awaited comeback with the vibey “Rover.” Kai of course exudes his overflowing charisma through this cool, hip track. And it’s the type of song to just groove and vibe along with. The rest of the mini-album of the same name is a good mix of songs with my favorites being the mellow “Sinner,” “Black Mirror” and “Slidin’.”

“Set Me Free” by TWICE

It was wonderful news when JYPE and TWICE announced that all the members renewed their contracts with the company. It’s a very comforting feeling to hear news like that. For some reason, it makes me enjoy the artists’ releases a bit more. I guess that’s the case with TWICE’s latest “Set Me Free.” It’s a wonderful pop-dance track that just glides through with the group’s talent, charm and charisma. It also avoids some of the unnecessary detours that attempt to derail some of TWICE’s other tracks for me. But not this time. “Set Me Free” is a great track.

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