Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 26 – Lamentation II: The Crimson Boost!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Ziin likes watching Ace and Michinaga go head-to-head, saying that regardless of the outcome, it will result in a heart-stirring moment. Meanwhile, Keiwa and Neon are forced to dehenshin by the first of the five pillars. When all five are in place, a fierce storm will decimate the entire city.

The second window comes to an end and Ace and Ziin watch the two pillars rise over the city. Only three left and it is game over. Niramu joins them and says it might be time for him to step in, especially with Keiwa and Neon apparently badly injured. The two of them are being bandaged up by Tsumuri in the green room.

Tsumuri says Ace won’t be able to do anything on his own. Ace takes that as an insult.

Archimedel and Beroba laugh thinking about how they’ll be able to draw out Niramu after knocking Ace out of the way and then taking the Vision Driver for themselves.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Elsewhere, Toru brings Michinaga his favorite bread and says he’s fine with just water. Daichi approaches them and comments how interesting it is to see the two of them very close. Though Toru says he and Michinaga have been inseparable since high school, Daichi is referring to the human-Jyamato dynamic. But he adds that there’s nothing wrong with Jyamato forming relationships with each other.

Michinaga has a lot to think about.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

In the audience room, Ziin offers to join Ace out in the field again, saying that it was very heart-rending earlier. But Ace reminds Ziin that this isn’t fun and games for them as this is their actual reality.

Ace heads to the shrine and says a prayer. The Kannushi thanks Ace for helping the other day and tells him about the shrine’s history. It has been in the Kannushi’s family for many generations along with the Oni Bell Festival.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

The little boy comes running up to ask what’s happened to the festival that was supposed to take place today. The Kannushi says the stall owners are afraid of coming with the threat of monsters attacking. The little boy had really hoped to wish for his mother’s improved health.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Ace thinks of his own mother’s final words to him and tells the little boy that they will make the festival happen. He relates to old history books and how no matter how dark the world is, praying with gratitude would help the light of hope find you. That’s how people have been able to make it through life.

Ace tells the little boy that his mother is doing what she can to fight for her life and that it is his turn to be brave as well. The little boy understands.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Michinaga and Toru fist bump as they head out for the next window of the JGP. Daichi tells Beroba that her favoritism for Michinaga is showing, so she offers him a Driver to become a Jyamato too. Daichi says he will consider it if the need arises.

Back at the shrine, Ace, Keiwa and Neon are joined by Tsumuri and Neon’s bodyguards to man the stalls so the Oni Bell Festival can go on. When the thumping of the drums begin, Ace asks Keiwa and Neon to stay and protect the festival. They understand what he is asking of them, but Tsumuri says he couldn’t possibly defeat all the Jyamato on his own.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Ace flicks Tsumuri’s forehead and tells her to just watch what the kitsune can do.

Michinaga and Toru meet Ace on the bridge and they henshin. Another pillar rises from the ground as the three of them battle. Ace is quickly forced to dehenshin.

Back at the festival, the Oni emerge from the forest and Tsumuri encourages the little boy.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Ace raises the Boost Buckle to the sky. And much to the shock of the DGP bosses, the Goddess has been activated. The power that zooms from the Goddess combines to give Ace the power of Boost MarkII.

With the big boost, Ace has no problem eliminating the Jyamato and destroying the pillars. That includes Toru who clings to life on a rooftop and begs Michinaga to help him. They’re bros, after all.

Michinaga says Toru died long ago and he was only hoping to use JyamatoToru to help defeat Ace.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Michinaga walks away as JyamatoToru bursts.

The storm in the city dissipates. And at the same time, the little boy is able to grab the Oni bell. Just then, the boy’s mother comes walking up to the shrine feeling much better.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

On a rooftop, Niramu looks at four wishes of four previous DezaShins (A, Ace Garfield, Yakumo Eisu and Ace Li) saying “A reincarnation of mine will steel his resolve to protect the world someday. Grant him the power to realize it.” Thanks to Ace, those wishes have been granted.

Niramu marvels at what Ace has been able to accomplish. And because of that, he believes Ace must not be allowed to exist.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 26 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Finally a good Ace-focus episode! I enjoyed it as we were able to see more of what Ace could be. I think a big part of why I liked this new toy episode more than the usual new toy episode was how it allowed for more character moments for Ace. And that was thanks to him being able to relate to the little boy.

I think Ace’s search for this mother or the truth or whatever he’s actually looking for is probably the one mystery I’m most eager to get more out of. So it’s good to see movement in that regard. And the way they were able to connect the typical deus ex machina power-up gift to the previous DezaShins was also an interesting and creative choice.

The “reincarnation” thing with the different Aces of the past can be interesting as well. But considering we are to believe there have been many many many DGP seasons of the past, I don’t know if we are to take more from that other than it explaining where Ace got his new toy. He mentioned something about it being the power he had always longed for. So maybe his past lives were just prepping for the future. Typical Ace behavior I guess. lol

And if Ace is really old old, it could point to a bigger idea unfolding in the future as to his origins and who he really is.

Elsewhere, the other big part of the episode was Michinaga’s story. I think we all understood that the Toru we have been seeing now was not the real Toru that was Michinaga’s best bro. And they said as much last week (I think it was?). Michinaga merely using fakeToru for his goal at defeating Ace was okay. But I would’ve liked to have seen more of him possibly hanging on to Toru as he misses his best bro and of course is one of the biggest motivators for him to pursue his desire, after all.

Nice to see Keiwa and Neon take a backseat a bit this week. Nice to see Ace not resorting to fanservice with Ziin. And nice to see Tsumuri out and about.

Judging from the magazine photoshoot features this week, it would seem Niramu is going to stick around and become a bigger part of the season. So we’ll see where that goes.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. And for Geats, that’s pretty good for me.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 26 – Lamentation II: The Crimson Boost!

  1. I wonder if the Ace might be having some blending of memories with his previous incarnations. It would explain the discrepancy between his claimed mother and his supposed mother. Also how he would know about a game where everyone got wiped out now that I think about it, because after all if only victorious riders (and DGP staff) remember events, then how would anyone remember a game that ended with no winner?

    1. Hmmm! Interesting question. I have no idea. Maybe it’s related to how DGP players regain all their memories when they touch their Core IDs? I don’t know. But at the same time, Niramu and the DGP bosses can do anything they want with the game, so if someone is actually dictating what happens, maybe they are helping Ace and his past lives toward some kind of end goal.

  2. Wow. Didn’t expect for you to enjoy an Ace-focus episode that is like this. Especially that this is about Ace being one step ahead in a greater degree than previously in him being even more uncannily prepared with his previous reincarnations advancing his plans further.

    1. Well, I’m still not a fan of Ace being a god-like know-it-all. But the Ace I took from this episode was more on him actually being more than that. Like the way he sincerely cared about the little boy and how it might relate to how he feels about his own mother (whoever she might be). I don’t mind Ace being a sneaky know-it-all kitsune as long as it isn’t the ONLY facet to his character. I want lots of facets! A multi-faceted Ace! lol A one-note character isn’t always a good thing. (Hello Keiwa! lol Thankfully he’s still a likeable guy so it’s okay with him lolol)

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