Thursday Tunes, March 8, 2023 –”Our Static Seatbelt” by Corbyn is a Must-Experience!

Corbyn has finally released his first album Our Static Seatbelt and it is definitely worth the wait. Cory Hong, known as Corbyn for his music, has consistently released some amazing tracks over the years. Especially since beginning his solo career. So the release of Our Static Seatbelt or “OSS” is a long time coming and a welcome arrival.

Joining the amazing “Burn” and “Cold,” which were released a few months ago and made my end of 2022 favorites list, are the just released “Sorry’s Never Enough” and four new tracks to form this excellent 7-song album.

My favorite new track is definitely “Brainwave.” The dreamy, romantic track is the kind of song I know I will never get tired of. #NightDrivePlaylist approved, most definitely (as is most of Corbyn’s tracks, to be honest). But I feel like the song is the best mix of everything Corbyn does with his music. A catchy melody, meaningful lyrics and a definite mood maker. I would love to see a music video for this one.

Meanwhile, midtempo track 3 “FSA,” moody track 5 “Waiting” and acoustic album closer “Moonlight” all once again show Corbyn’s expressive lyrics and passionate performance. You really are just able to feel every emotional lyric, especially when paired with the melodious sounds of Corbyn’s self-composed music.

Our Static Seatbelt reminded me (as if I needed a reminder anyway) exactly why Corbyn is one of my favorite artists. Just so much talent and passion for his music that oozes out of every release. Amazing and a must-listen! Actually, a must-experience!

And if you’re inclined, Corbyn’s releases have always carried extra meaning and invites everyone to try and connect the dots. So definitely give that a try as well.

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