Thursday Tunes, March 2, 2023 – E’LAST, TNX, LUCY, The Boyz

Four strong comebacks from these talented bands: E’LAST, TNX, LUCY, The Boyz.

“Thrill” by E’LAST

It’s been too long since E’LAST’s last release. But “Thrill” is certainly a great track that can be well-worth the wait. E’LAST’s releases have been energetic and charismatic. They really set themselves apart from the rest so far since their debut. And “Thrill” is a perfect example of that. The rock-infused pop dance track is the kind of song you can’t help but be drawn toward. E’LAST definitely delivers a mesmerizing performance, as evidenced by the music video. What more when performed live as well. Another great release from them.

“Love or Die” by TNX

TNX finally makes their first comeback and it’s a great one. Title “Love or Die” is a refreshing track that exudes the groups youth, but also their mature talent. The rock-infused pop-dance track has elements of R&B as well. It’s such a strong follow-up to their impactful debut. It’s a different color, but equally engaging. And definitely a showcase for the group’s versatility and potential. The rest of the album is also great with “I Need U” and “Wasn’t Ready” as my favorites.

“Unbelievable” by LUCY

LUCY is back again with a wonderfully bright track. The talented band always delivers the positive feels with their music. And “Unbelievable” is no different. The uplifting and energetic track will definitely be familiar and welcome to fans of the band. But for new listeners, it’ll be a great introduction to a band that deserves a lot more attention. Always a treat to get new music from LUCY.

“Roar” by The Boyz

The latest title track from The Boyz exudes the group’s charisma, as they usually do with every performance. But “Roar” especially takes it up a notch. The R&B pop-dance track is a nice step forward for the group toward a mature style and sound. Perhaps their most striking title track in a while. And its impact is immediately felt within the first few seconds. Not to mention through the rest of the song’s three and half minutes.

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