Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 24 – Divergence SP: Emergency Special! All About the DezaGra!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

Because of the unexpected circumstances, Niramu and Samasu host a special episode of the DGP in place of originally scheduled competition. Ace, Keiwa and Neon watch the episode from their personal audience rooms. Ace is with Ziin and Keiwa is with Kekera. Kyuun communicates with Neon via letter.

The special describes how the DGP has been set in many different time periods, producing many DezaShins who have wished for everything from wealth to love and happiness. Kekera explains to Keiwa that those settings include time periods that would be considered the future relative to now.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

Ace asks Ziin when he became a fan. Ziin says it was even before Ace became a Kamen Rider. Ace had bravely stood up to the Jyamato during an attack and Ziin knew he would make a great Rider. It was after that incident that Tsumuri approached him with his Driver and Core ID.

Ace says Ziin has a good eye if he recognized his awesomeness early on. Ziin appreciates Ace having an open mind considering he is talking to him like normal even after finding out he’s from the future. Ace says he’s just used to surprised thanks to the DGP.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

As the special episode recaps Ace’s win streak, Ziin points out that each of the wins has been a step toward Ace finding his mother. Ace says he never thought his mother would be a former DGP Navigator.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

As the episode highlights Keiwa and Neon being two standouts among the ones who have challenged Ace, Kekera tells Keiwa about when he was convinced he was a man who could save the world. Keiwa had saved a woman from falling off a building and Kekera believes he has a sincere desire for world peace. That is very Kamen Rider-like.

Keiwa realizes he became a Rider thanks to Kekera. But because of what he’s learned about the dead Riders, Keiwa is not so sure he is happy about becoming one. Keiwa remembers all the good Riders and innocent people who have died at the hands of the Jyamato, including his parents.

Kyuun, meanwhile, has been watching Neon at home and decided to help her escape that hell hole. Neon wishes she could see his face, but he says just seeing her happy is all he wants.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Beroba hijacks the DGP special episode broadcast to explain the Jyamato are really why the show continues to exist. Though they were originally created as pawns in the game, they have evolved thanks to their creator Archimedel. Using humans as fertilizer, the Jyamato have developed language, dignity and sentience. Instead of just being Rider fodder, they now will fight to rule the world themselves.

Beroba suddenly introduces the JGP… Jyamato Grand Prix. The goal of this game is to defeat executive producer Niramu, the final boss, and take his Driver.

The winning Jyamato will be crowned the JyamaShin and have their desire fulfilled.

Tsumuri regains control of the broadcast and alerts Ace, Keiwa and Neon to hurry into the city to take care of the encouraged Jyamato GP players.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

Beroba tells Michinaga to head out there and play since he’s half-Jyamato. He calls her a kooky woman. But she tells him that she was enamored by his hatred for Kamen Riders.

Beroba adds that seeing how he almost killed himself with his determination made her think she would like to change the world with him. A world where she can be thrilled. Michinaga wants nothing to do with her playtime, but if it helps him with his own desire, he’ll go fight.

Downtown, Ace, Keiwa and Neon arrive. Ace asks what they’re doing here since they won’t be winning anything for fighting. The two throw the question back at Ace. But the three of them silently understand that they are here because they want to protect the peoples.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

After they henshin, they battle the Jyamato. Ziin watches on and is really turned on by Ace’s fighting. Beroba says he’s weird, but asks what he’s here for. Ziin explains he is a diehard DGP fan and offers to help get the show up and running again.

Suddenly, a human-formed Kekera and Kyuun appear and they henshin alongside Ziin in order to fight Beroba who also henshins. They battle to defend the honor of their fave Riders.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 24 Recap Review

While everything is going on, Niramu wonders which of the DGP or JGP will win in the ratings game. Tsumuri says she believes in their DGP Riders.

Episode Thoughts

Okay, I am actually quite glad that this episode was a pseudo-recap episode. After watching the Donbrothers finale, I wasn’t really in the mood to get another lackluster Geats episode.

But this episode was fine. It helped to wrap up the reset initiated in last week’s episode. Getting the basics cleared up while adding more backstory and exposition in order to set-up the next arc of the season.

I still feel like I’m just here for the ride and will just deal with whatever comes whenever it comes. I don’t really know what to look forward to with Geats. So at this point, I’m just holding on to see where it takes me.

I did kind of want Kekera to stay a frog statue though. But I guess he was necessary to have an actual human character to fit into the suit so more toys can be sold. Okay. I get it.

Anyway, what more can be said for a clip show. It was alright. Tried to clean up some of the season’s mess so far. But still interesting enough to stand on its own with the quick backstory for Ace and Keiwa specifically.

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  1. This very much is a good end of the introduction arc, I just wish they had done it better. Also I guess we now have a reason for the team to actually be a team.

      1. Yep Yep. It would have been acceptable to segue straight from Girori to this it would have been fine. Would have required a bit more setup in the underpinnings of the DGP, but definitely would have been possible.

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