Thursday Tunes, February 23, 2023 – AIMERS, JUST B and AleXa, Hyojin (ONF), n.SSign

Four special tracks for this special Thursday Tunes! Featuring AIMERS, JUST B and AleXa, ONF’s Hyojin and n.SSign.

“Fireworks” by AIMERS

I first learned of AIMERS after they guested on After School Club a few weeks ago and found they just debuted in November. But also that two of the members are formerly of the group SPECTRUM whom I listened to as well. My introductory track to them is the mellow “Fireworks” which is a special single. It’s a great song and the accompanying music video highlights its warm feeling. I am definitely going to check out more from the group.

“MBTI” by JUST B x AleXa

JUST B and AleXa released an unexpected, but very welcome collab as a Valentine’s gift. “MBTI” is an excellent track. The midtempo R&B song mixes charm and charisma, highlighting both qualities from the awesomely complimentary artists. Two talented artists coming together to deliver this sweet treat.

“Love Things” by Hyojin (ONF)

ONF leader Hyojin releases a special single “Love Things.” It’s certainly different from most of ONF’s energetic and dynamic tracks. But the sweet ballad is a wonderful showcase for Hyojin’s soft vocals.

“Salty” by n.SSign

Rookie group n.SSign prepares for their official debut with the release of special pre-debut mini album Salty. I did not follow their survival show Stars Awakening, but the title track “Salty” is a great introduction to them. The groovy pop track has a bright and engaging energy. It certainly makes one interested in the group. I certainly am now and am looking forward to their official debut.

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