Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 23 – Divergence T: Now! For the One You Support

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Kamen Rider Ziin, saying he wants an exciting and heart-rending scene, easily takes on Michinaga and Daichi. Beroba doesn’t care though since she has the Vision Driver and key to the Goddess of Creation.

Beroba slaps the Driver on and happily heads to the Goddess to ask for her desire to be granted. But nothing happens. Niramu pops in and reminds her that the Game Master and executive producer must provide authorization. Otherwise the Goddess of Creation will not activate.

Niramu says Beroba is not the first person to attempt this, so they had to implement two-factor authentication. He demands she hand the Driver over, but she just sticks her tongue out. Niramu henshins to Gazer. But Beroba uses the Driver to turn into bubbles and leaves, promising to return to the Goddess later on.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Over in the green room, Tsumuri tells Ace, Keiwa and Neon that because the Game Master’s authority has been taken by the enemy, all systems have ground to a halt. Thus, this DGP season is cancelled.

Ace says it must be a good thing for Miss Dezastar Neon since they won’t have to fight anymore. Keiwa realizes that means none of their desires will be granted.

Ace asks what Beroba and Co. are after. Chirami mentions the Goddess of Creation, but Samasu pops in to slap him quiet. Chirami tries to explain himself to Niramu, but the executive producer says he is at fault, period.

Keiwa asks what the hell the Goddess of Creation is, but Niramu says they don’t need to know. Ace says it must be central to the DGP if the big bosses are panicking over it. That means, it must have the power to recreate the world.

“Just what are you people?” Ace asks. Niramu gives a No Comment.

Samasu says their priority must be to retrieve the Vision Driver and points to the location of the Jyamar Garden. Ace thinks it’s suspicious that they already know of this location, but Niramu says they have always anticipated something like this could happen.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Over in the Jyamar Garden, Michinaga and Daichi listen as Beroba and Archimedel explain that the Garden is located in an area deleted by the game. When Riders fail and lose an area, it becomes a breeding ground for Jyamatos.

While the Jyamato are all part of the DGP, Archimedel has taken issue with how they have been treated. So he has decided to create a world where Jyamatos can live happily.

“What are you people?” Michinaga asks.

Beroba and Archimedel finish explaining their existence and Michinaga says he does not care. He will still stick with them because he will do anything to have his desire fulfilled.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Ace demands Niramu explain who they people are too. After a few seconds of silence, Chirami starts to spill the beans. But Samasu slaps him again. Niramu says answering Ace’s question is pointless because the moment they hear the truth will be the moment they forget everything. They would have to do a factory reset on the world and everything gets lost.

That’s why Ace, Keiwa and Neon have no choice but to go to the Jyamar Garden and retrieve the Driver. Otherwise, they will never have their desired worlds granted.

Later, Keiwa meets with Kekera who encourages him to retrieve the Driver. He gives him a special Boost Buckle and Keiwa agrees to go.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Neon heads to her supporter room and finds a fan letter from Kyuun, the mysterious man from last time, that supports and encourages her with love. He gifts her a Feverslot Buckle.

In the green room, Tsumuri asks Chirami why Daichi’s Core ID has fallen into enemy hands. He says he has no idea, even though Tsumuri knows he is the only one capable of smuggling it out.

Ace is on his way to the Jyamar Garden when he runs into Ziin who shows him he is also a Rider. He is here to help and is excited by the prospect of fighting alongside his DGP idol.

They both henshin when Jyamatos appear in front of them. Keiwa and Neon arrive and henshin as well.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

After taking care of the Jyamatos, Ace faces off against Michinaga. Ziin steps aside to let Ace battle Michinaga himself.

Keiwa and Neon finish off their share of Jyamato. Keiwa comments that Neon has really grown stronger. But Neon says it’s only because she has people supporting her. They both agree that they’ve gotten the hang of this Rider stuff and vow to keep this up and fight for their desires.

Daichi suddenly arrives with Jyamato and they take on Keiwa and Neon.

Ziin and Beroba watch Ace and Michinaga battle. He tells her to return the Driver, but Beroba just laughs. It really doesn’t matter since all of this is in the distant past anyway. It’s already over.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Hearing this, Ace has finally figured it all out. All the people involved in the Desire Grand Prix, from the management to the audience, are from the distant future.

Ziin confirms that is the case. Just like the people of 2023 view Ancient Greece or the Sengoku period as entertainment, so too do the people of the future view this world as well.

Niramu tells Samasu that it’s only a matter of time before this series comes to an end. When they are able to reclaim the Driver, they will issue the final judgement.

Tsumuri, watching from the temple, laments Ace finding out the truth. She had hoped to enjoy this world a little longer.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Beroba henshins to an embiggened Kamen Rider Beroba, intent on destroying the Jyamar Garden. Archimedel begs her not to, but she says if something is no longer useful, it can be remade into something that is.

Beroba smashes her foot into the ground like an atomic bomb and she laughs in the middle of the explosion.

Mr. Narrator says the DGP is a Rider reality show set in various points of history.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 23 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

So they’ve pretty much negated everything that happened with this season of the DGP. In turn, this expository episode feels very much like yet another complete reset of the season as a whole. And yet, I don’t mind it because it’s not like there’s much to lose so far anyway.

Like I’ve said pretty much every week, especially recently, the season is chugging along fine. I haven’t been excited much about anything with Geats. And while I’ve been annoyed a few times, I haven’t been completely upset or frustrated like certain other seasons. (I’m looking at you Saber and Revice!)

So the DGP is a reality show from the future with future peoples using present peoples as playthings for their entertainment. Umm… okay? Sure, we’ll go with that.

I mean, I have no idea where the show is going with that idea. But I’ll hop along, sure.

Depending on how mindblowing the endgame of these future peoples is, I might end up preferring the DGP simply being weirdos and masochists wanting to watch people fight each other for their enjoyment.

Which is basically what we’re getting. But I guess I mean without the time aspect. Depending on what the time traveling and learning from/playing with history adds to the overall plot, it might become completely pointless. Or might be the detail that actually carries and elevates the season moving forward.

The latter would certainly be nice to see. But it’s really all a wait and see situation for me at this point.

I don’t think I’ve felt like this for any toku season before. This feeling that I’m not particularly excited about Geats at the moment, but wondering if it needs the full season’s worth of episodes to play out in order for everything to land. Like, you won’t know if any of this is any good until you get to the end and determine either “WTF was that?” or “OMG, it all makes sense!” You need all the pieces to see the whole picture and only then can you appreciate the show.

I guess? I dunno. That’s how I’m justifying my continued watching of Geats. lol Though it’s not like I’d ever just drop the show in the middle anyway.

Moving forward, it appears everyone’s going to get a Driver and henshin. So that’s kinda scary. Definitely Saber-type scary. But maybe it’s because it’s going to turn into a generational Rider war or something. I have no idea! I thought this season was just a Most Dangerous Fortnite Squid Game mash-up. Oh well! On to the next episode! 🥱

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 23 – Divergence T: Now! For the One You Support

  1. More than a reset, it’s like a completely different show again. I’m so apathetic to this season, tbh. When they start to actually get interesting, they throw in some random twist that doesn’t move the existing foundation forward. Instead, it introduces completely different concepts that don’t really gel with what we’ve gotten so far. Or disregards some of the better parts of the show so far.

    1. Tbf, there are some seasons with middle direction change like Gaim going from dancing competition and Inves game to exporing Helheim.

      1. Well first off, Gaim was actually good. But Helheim was the reason the Inves Game existed. It wasn’t a direction change like Revice or, maybe Geats now.

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