Music Monday, February 6, 2023 – Great Debuts from 8TURN, BXB, Rockhyeon, THE7

A quartet of great debuts this week! Featuring 8TURN, BXB, Rockhyeon and THE7

“Tic Tac” by 8TURN

8TURN arrives with a strong debut. Title track “Tic Tac” is a rousing hip-hop dance track that definitely announces the group’s arrival on the scene in a big way. Talent and charisma are definitely showcased in 8TURN’s great performance. The rest of their debut album 8TURNRISE is very good as well. My favorite tracks are the rock-infused “We,” dance track “Say My Name” and the poppy closer “Heartache.” A very nice start from the rookie group.

“Fly Away” by BXB

Another debut this week is BXB which has former members of TRCNG and a new maknae forming the rookie group. TRCNG definitely deserved so much more than they were allowed to be given. I had actually been meaning to get to their releases as APR Project last year. It was great to hear that some of the members were continuing on after the end of their previous contracts.

But I really like the track “Fly Away.” It feels a lot like some old school K-pop with its dramatic pop-dance melody and versatile vocals. The music video plays out like a nice short film and it actually adds a lot to the group’s (re-)introduction to audiences. Looking forward to seeing and hearing what they have ahead!

“Over” by Rockhyeon

So where have I been that I did not know the members of 100% had signed a new contract in Japan to begin promotions as the group FAVE1? I am so sorry! But I am glad to finally be clued in! And it’s thanks to seeing member Rockhyeon releasing his solo debut track “Over.” It is a bright and hopeful track that suits Rockhyeon’s vocals so well.

“Get Loose” by THE7

Korean-Thai group THE7 make their debut with “Get Loose” and it is a fun and energetic track. The bright visuals and charismatic performance are a great introduction to the rookies. It’s easy to groove along to the catchy melody. The rest of their debut album has similarly bright dance tracks “Other Side” and “Bad Dream” (with a Thai and Korean version). Another great start for a rookie group!

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