Filipino Friday, February 3, 2023 – 1st.One’s “Problem Child”

In my Kinda Sort Deep Dive into P-pop almost exactly one year ago, I was very impressed by 1st.One.

(I was also excited when a few months later, found out they were managed by a Korean company and had a brother group, NINE.i, who would become my favorite 2022 K-pop rookies!)

1st.One’s vibe and aura compared more than favorably to some of the biggest K-pop groups. And I don’t use that comparison to take anything away from either Korean or Filipino pop music and artists. But it was more of my being so pleasantly surprised at seeing how far local Filipino pop music had come. Seeing P-pop music videos and production be up to the level of K-pop, which we all know has really taken the world by storm, was so awesome to see.

And 1st.One definitely offered up some wonderful examples of that. I particularly loved “Shout Out” which is such a powerful track full of confidence and charisma. And its music video just awe-inspiring as well. The song gained some well-deserved renewed attention recently too. And that definitely helped to get everyone excited for their latest release.

After teasers that included some fun trickery and clever red herrings from the group, they released “Problem Child.” And they have of course delivered another amazing performance.

It really is a performance-type of track. You can’t help but be mesmerized by song, the vocals and their choreography. Not to mention, once again, their confidence and charisma. It all comes together to effectively bring the lyrics about wanting to break the norm and fight against a defective system to vivid life.

1st.One has really done an excellent job at commanding attention. And they are certainly contributing a huge deal to the rapid growth of P-pop to new audiences around the world.

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