Music Monday, January 30, 2023 – ONEWE, TXT, OnlyOneOf

New tracks from ONEWE, TXT and OnlyOneOf.

“Gravity” by ONEWE

ONEWE releases their first English language album Gravity with the title track of the same name a refreshingly cool and sophisticated performance from the band. They have already proven their talents through emotional and powerful ballads and some opportunities for some truly rock out tracks. But “Gravity” is a bit more cool and hip kind of sound, showing once again just how talented ONEWE is. It’s also great to see the whole band performing fresh music even as members are serving the country in the military. The rest of the album features English versions of their previous hits. And altogether, a great showcase for the band that will hopefully help reach new fans while also delighting fans who’ve always been there for them. A definite must-listen for everyone!

“Sugar Rush Ride” by TXT

TOMORROW X TOGETHER return with another eye-catching  performance in their title track “Sugar Rush Ride.” The alternative-infused pop dance track has a funky and addictive melody while the flirtatious lyrics offer the group an opportunity to deliver once again. It might not go on my repeat playlist, but it’s hard not to appreciate TXT’s always impactful performance.

“chrOme arts” by OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf release “chrOme arts,” the title track from their upcoming Japanese mini-album of the same name. It is a track that follows in the footsteps of their own “libidO” and “skinz.” A similarly sensuous and confident performance backed by a striking, provocative melody that really commands attention. As OnlyOneOf always does.

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