Music Monday, January 23, 2023 – Jinyoung, Taeyang, TWICE, MONSTA X

New tracks from Jinyoung, Taeyang, TWICE and MONSTA X

“Cotton Candy” by Jinyoung

Park Jinyoung of the group GOT7 officially makes his solo debut with title track “Cotton Candy.” Jinyoung’s smooth vocals glide across the light pop track and its soothing melody. The album Chapter 0: WITH is a great showcase for his solo style and sound as the other four tracks are similarly comforting and easy to listen to. A wonderful reminder of just how multi-talented he can be.

“Vibe” by Taeyang feat. Jimin

Taeyang made his long-awaited solo comeback with title track “Vibe.” Collaborating with BTS’ Park Jimin, the title of the track certainly suits it very well. It’s hard not to just vibe along with the retro-infused song.

“Moonlight Sunrise” by TWICE

TWICE’s pre-release English single “Moonlight Sunrise” is a great pop track. I’ve really enjoyed the group’s growth in style and sound. And this track is a great taste of what’s to come from their upcoming album in March.

“Beautiful Liar” by MONSTA X

MONSTA X returns with title track “Beautiful Liar,” an intriguing and engaging song that fuses some punk rock with an addictive beat. It’s a unique sound, but perfectly suited for the versatile group.

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