Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 19 – Divergence III: Vote! Who Is the Dezastar!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

During his confessional, Keiwa denies he is the Dezastar and explains that he hesitated because the Jyamato spoke the words of a fallen Rider.

When Keiwa unwittingly forces Daichi to dehenshin, Sae sees this as proof Keiwa is the traitor. Daichi, however, says he’s alright. And for now, he will focus on Jyamatos while Sae and the others can focus on scoring goals. Sae tells Keiwa to just stay behind.

Though the Riders are able to take a slim one-point lead, the Jyamatos easily get back on top. As time expires, Ace sends a pair of his balls into the goal to bring the match to a 33-33 tie. Extra Time will take place tomorrow.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Back at the green room, Chirami tells Keiwa he is in trouble with the votes. But points out that two of them still need to cast theirs. Anyway, Chirami sends Keiwa over to meet with Kekera.

Kekera tells Keiwa that he has been supporting him this entire time by way of sending him Buckles. But he is a bit disappointed with the way he handled the second half of the match today. Kekera advises Keiwa to not be so trusting of others otherwise he will get stabbed in the back later on. Anyone could be the Dezastar.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Downtown, Ace finds Michinaga and brings him some onigiri. Ace asks how Michinaga could possibly be alive after being taken by the Jyamatos. Michinaga answers that they must look like fools having been lured into a game of life and death for their so-called ideal worlds.

Michinaga says Ace has no idea where Jyamatos even come from. He’s seen it with his own two eyes. But he will not allow himself to be used by the Jyamato. Ace says it’s nice to see him alive and jokes that all he has to do is glue his Core ID back together. Michinaga shows Ace his Jyamato Buckle and vows to gain the power to crush all Riders.

After training, Neon expresses her trust in Keiwa to Sae. Neon says Keiwa is almost too kind to a fault. So it’s not hard to believe he would go out of his way to protect what is important to him.

Tsumuri reports to Chirami that ratings are going up. He brags that his style of reality TV is much better than Girori’s old fashioned way.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Ace gets back to the green room and invites Keiwa for some late-night steak. Ace tells Keiwa about Michinaga returning and how he is the only defeated Rider that is still alive. Confirming his fears, Keiwa feels even more down.

Ace says they just have to vote out who they think is the traitor. But Keiwa must prove himself to them first.

After finding a weak Michinaga in a dark alley, Niramu tells Samasu to take him away and ensure that he stays “dead.”

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Next day, the sudden death round begins. The Riders all henshin and they battle the Jyamatos. Keiwa gains control of the ball. Motivated by wanting to protect the childrens, Keiwa vows to win this game.

Suddenly, however, the multiple Takeshis reveal themselves when they are attacked. Ace says not to worry about them since they could just be Jyamatos mimicking humans. He repeats that the other Riders are all dead. Ace says Daichi was just trying to manipulate Keiwa in order to paint him as the Dezastar.

Ace tosses Keiwa the ball and says to leave the children at the food pantry to him. Neon proclaims that she has decided to trust Keiwa. Ace gives Daichi a quiz: Will making others doubt or making others believe win out in the end.

The others provide Keiwa the cover needed for him to storm toward the goal and he scores. Riders win! The children reunite with their parents.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Back at the temple, Tsumuri congratulates everyone on a great comeback win. But it’s time to finalize their votes.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Tsumuri immediately reveals the votes and Daichi gets four. That means he is eliminated. As he is officially retired, he tells them that they will regret this decision.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Niramu and Samasu dump Michinaga back in the Jyamato forest town cliffs. Niramu says Michinaga is supposed to stay dead in order to maintain the reality show’s realism. Niramu does, however, have high hopes for Michinaga to help provide good entertainment once he resurrects as a Jyamato.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Little do they know, Michinaga hears every word.

Ace meets with Jean who congratulates him on surviving the round. Jean advises Ace to still be on the lookout for the Dezastar since Daichi being eliminated doesn’t necessarily mean he is it.

Keiwa meets with Kekera and is surprised when he says Daichi is not the Dezastar. The good news is Keiwa is gaining more fans and that bodes well for him if he makes it to the final round. Keiwa is resolved to win and have his desire fulfilled. Kekera says to do that, he better expose the real Dezastar by starting to have doubt in his fellow competitors.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Definitely a predictable episode. Obviously Keiwa wasn’t going to get banished from the Scottish Highlands. And obviously it was going to be Daichi. And obviously Daichi was not the Dezastar.

Daichi is just your typical Big Brother houseguest/Survivor castaway who just plays too hard, too fast. That overplaying by contestants who think very highly of themselves and their strategic skills usually spells quick elimination for them. So definitely not a surprise to see his fate play out this episode.

Half the episode was literally the sky basketfootball match. The other half of the episode was split between Michinaga’s U-turn trip back to the Jyamato Highlands and Keiwa trying to shake off the suspicion.

First with Michinaga, I’m enjoying his solo flight so far. He’s really the only character that makes sense that can be used to play around with this Jyamato farm plot of the season. I would like to see it continue for a while longer. So it was good to see him get tossed back from the real world. Even if it’s probably part of his own plans as well. (Hey, Ace isn’t the only one who can keikaku!)

With Keiwa, I think this episode actually gets me back to feeling that he can still be the Dezasutā. Actually, it’s really just me grabbing on to these shots of Keiwa acting all sketchy and conniving and hoping he really is the traitor lol
Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review
Kamen Rider Geats Episode 19 Recap Review

It would be wonderful to have him win at the end because he’s the traitor.

Which really makes me think the writers have been watching The Traitors since in that show, any traitor who makes it to the end alongside the “faithful” or non-traitors will end up winning the moneys. So Keiwa making the end as the Dezasutā and winning would be fun.

It was also great to see #TeamKeiwa have a meeting. Kekera’s awesome!

But now I’m also thinking how easy of a cop out would it be if Ace is the Dezasutā and he wins once again. I wouldn’t be surprised. But I might be a bit disappointed lol

Anyway, it was a simple episode. Predictable, but alright and certainly not the worst.

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  1. I feel the same about Keiwa. They keep including little hints or moments and I hope it really leads to him being the traitor. But I just know it’ll be Ace again.

  2. I just watched both the UK and US Traitors and I had the same thought too! Daichi’s elimination was just like the banishments in The Traitors. But only here, the Traitors don’t murder the Faithful aka other Riders Haha

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