Music Monday, January 16, 2022 – Henry Lau, TRITOPS, VIXX, Seo In Guk

Enjoy the excellent vocals on these four great tracks from Henry Lau, TRITOPS, VIXX and Seo In Guk

“Moonlight” by Henry Lau

It’s always great to have new music from Mr. Henry Lau. And “Moonlight” is a wonderful track. It’s definitely going to be added to my Night Drive Playlist this year. The indie pop song has a catchy guitar melody that suits those night drives down the freeway, but still has an upbeat vibe. The message of the lyrics are also great about letting go of your worries and staying positive. I definitely need a full album from Henry soon!

“Because of You” by TRITOPS

Also great to have some fresh music from TRITOPS as well. One of the absolute best vocal groups in the industry. They’ve been a bit more active in Japan, so it’s always nice when they have a Korean release. “Because of You” is an excellent reminder of or introduction to the group’s amazing talent. TRITOPS’ vocals give such vivid life to the emotional, bittersweet lyrics about the regrets after a breakup. It’s easy to feel the lyrics whenever TRITOPS are the ones delivering them. Another excellent performance.

“Gonna Be Alright” by VIXX

VIXX’s Hyuk, Leo and Ken release the wonderful “Gonna Be Alright.” The midtempo R&B track is a warm and hopeful song. One that’s perfect for the season. But also perfect for the trio’s harmonious vocals. Definitely a great treat to start the year off with.

“Fallen” by Seo In Guk

To round out this week’s quartet of songs, “Fallen” is a perfect choice. Seo In Guk released his latest track last month, but I only just got the chance to finally listen to it. And it’s a heartfelt and emotional track. Most people might know Seo In Guk as an actor, but I first knew him as a singer after Superstar K. And every time he releases new music, it is always great news.

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