Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 18 – Divergence II: Bravo! Jyamar Ball Showdown!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18 Recap Review

Keiwa cooks breakfast for the rest of the players. But Sae and Daichi are quite suspicious of his motives. Keiwa says he just likes cooking and even volunteers at a local food pantry to cook for kids.

Chirami comes in to announce that he’s added a new feature to their SpiderPhones in which the five of them will vote for who they think is the Dezastar. The player with the most votes will be eliminated at the end of this round, regardless of whether they are the Dezastar or not.

Keiwa protests since this has nothing to do with saving the world. But Chirami says he still has to make a good TV show.

Over in the garden, gardener Archimedel has the revived Takeshi transform into his triplet Jyamato form in order to prepare the next attack on the city.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Keiwa visits the food pantry and the kids are all excited to see their Keiwa-niichan. Explosions rock the area and Keiwa runs outside to see the Jyamatos throw a ball into a goal in the sky, scoring Team Jyamato five points.

Tsumuri explains that this round of the DGP will involve Jyamar Ball. They will be playing as a team and must score more points than the Jyamato team across two halves. Otherwise, the Jyamar Area will disappear and everyone in it will die.

The players henshin and play ball. Sae is able to score, but it’s only three points since it is within the arc of the goal.

Keiwa faces off against the Jyamato, but is shocked when the phrase it utters is exactly the words said by Takeshi once before. Keiwa hesitates, allowing the Jyamatos to score more points from a long distance. At the end of the half, Team Jyamato has 13 points with Team DGP only getting 11.

The parents of the children are worried as they are separated by the Jyamar barrier. Keiwa ensures that he will protect the kids and helps them back inside.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18 Recap Review

As Ace watches, Jean approaches him and says he’s been doing some digging into Ace’s background. Jean’s research revealed that Ace’s mother is Ukiyo Mika. So why is Ace looking for the former DGP navigator Mitsume.

Ace asks what Jean is doing here in the Jyamar Area and then wonders who this mysterious reality show audience is. Jean says to think of them as tourists from another dimension. Ace and Jean mutually want to keep an eye on each other.

While Sae helps Neon train with basketball skills, Daichi questions Keiwa’s hesitation earlier. Keiwa tells Daichi about his suspicion that Jyamatos are formerly dead players. Daichi says that’s interesting information, but must not be shared with others in order to keep morale high. Keiwa agrees.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18 Recap Review

Over in the garden, Michinaga grabs his Core ID and a Driver and tries to escape. He encounters a Jyamato and tries to henshin. But it takes a bit of force before he can. Once he does, he is a bit affected by the broken Core ID, but is able to defeat the Jyamato. He takes the Buckle from the Jyamato and uphenshins for just enough time to defeat two more.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18 Recap Review

Michinaga ends up on a cliff and is shocked to see a whole village in the middle of the forest with more greenhouses. Archimedel watches him and says boy, he doesn’t belong anywhere.

At the end of their training, Sae asks Neon what she thinks of Keiwa. Later at dinner, Daichi accuses Keiwa of being the Dezastar and is sure of it. He tells the others about Keiwa’s hesitation being proof of sabotage. When Keiwa brings up his dead Rider suspicion, Daichi denies ever hearing about it. But Sae thinks that Keiwa keeping it a secret is more Dezastar-ish behavior.

Daichi takes Keiwa’s Ninja Buckle.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18 Recap Review

Audience member Kekera, having been rooting for Keiwa, wants to give him a secret mission in order to gain a Buckle. Jean joins him and says he doesn’t want Keiwa to get a Buckle if he’s Dezastar. They see that Keiwa already has three votes from the others.

Ace warns Keiwa better clear his name or he’s out of the game.

The players head out for the start of the next half of Jyamar Ball. They henshin and battle the Jyamatos. But Keiwa rushes to save the kids at the center when it is targeted by the Jyamatos. Turns out this is the secret mission and Keiwa gets a new Buckle. Jean commends Kekera on the perfect mission for Keiwa.

Keiwa is determined to protect the childrens. Or everyone, for that matter. He locks in the Command Twin Buckle to uphenshin. But he soon encounters the Jyamato’d Takeshi, confirming his fear.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18 Recap Review

Daichi rushes in to attack the JyamatoTakeshi. But Keiwa tries to hold him back, feeding the others’ suspicions of him.

Episode Thoughts

First Big Brother, now The Traitors! lol Having just finished watching The Traitors US, it was funny to watch this episode with the accusations and denials and all that lol

Anyway. I still hope Keiwa is the Dezasutā. I would love to see him getting the votes, then convincing them that he’s actually a Faithful so they change their votes. But then in the end he actually is a Traitor. It would be so fun. And definitely a big moment.

I can already see the easy way out though for the show by making either Daichi or Sae the Dezastar. I’d be most surprised if Neon was the traitor. And Ace being the Dezastar would be the most predictable.

So I’m still hoping Keiwa is here to f- shit up. I think showing his volunteering with the kids in addition to him finally figuring out the dead Riders=Jyamato stuff makes him even more motivated or even more desperate to win. Which would push him toward accepting to be the Dezastar. The fact that it would be going against his wishy-washy attitude would really be an awesome twist.

And aside from just wanting to spice things up, I would think that it still fits with Keiwa’s character.

I like the Helheim Forest-ish reveal of whatever that Jyamato farm village is. I was going to say Michinaga should stay there a few more episodes. But I guess he finds his way back next episode. The creepy atmosphere of all Michinaga’s scenes this episode were great. And I hope they show leans into that weirdness a bit more as they dive deeper into that part of the plot.

I want to see more Kekera please! That’s some Donbrothers-level randomness. But I welcome it very much on Geats. Seeing these outsiders get involved and almost act like puppetmasters pulling the strings offers a different dynamic. It’s not just a Game Master in control. Though of course they run the risk of doing too much since we have a few different figures that are being set up for this position so far. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s ahead there. The fans vs. DGP board/financers/etc. Should be interesting. But as long as it doesn’t take too much time away from our Riders who definitely still need more time to settle down.

Overall, a pretty good episode. Unlike recent weeks, I’m left with positive vibes after this one. And it makes me actually look forward to next week. Also unlike recent episodes. =)

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 18 – Divergence II: Bravo! Jyamar Ball Showdown!

  1. Haha, yes I still hope Keiwa is the Disaster 😂 It would be a juicy twist.
    I like the frog figurine fan too. He’s #TeamKeiwa, after all. So he’s good. 🐸

  2. I was definitely surprised by the frog. I’d like to see more weird DGP fans too. I think it would fit with the creepy nursery village.

  3. Interesting developments. I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose that easy route with Sae or Daichi as the Dezastar. As long as it moves the main characters forward, then it’s a good thing.

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