Music Monday, January 9, 2023 – Nine (OnlyOneOf), Moonbin & Sanha, ATEEZ, SF9

Start of 2023 with these great tracks from OnlyOneOf’s Nine, Moonbin and Sanha, ATEEZ and SF9!

“beyond” by Nine of OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf wraps up their ungrOund idOl project with Nine’s “beyOnd.” Their special series has produced some excellent tracks. And “beyOnd” is definitely another one. The R&B track is perfect for Nine’s soft vocals. You can definitely vibe with the melody as well as feel the emotions being shared in the lyrics.

“Madness” by Moonbin&Sanha

ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha make their comeback with “Madness.” The EDM-infused pop-dance track is a perfect showcase for Moonbin and Sanha’s unique flavor as a unit even compared to ASTRO’s diverse discography. The charismatic performance is hard to ignore and you should have no problem grooving along to the song after one listen.

“Halazia” by ATEEZ

ATEEZ’s latest comeback “Halazia” is a captivating track. The darker, moody melody serves as an engaging backdrop for the hopeful lyrics. The song progresses in an interesting way as well. And overall, the song allows ATEEZ to once again deliver an excellent performance. I enjoy it a lot more than some of their recent titles.

“Puzzle” by SF9

It’s great to have fresh SF9 after almost half a year. And “Puzzle” is a great track that is worth the wait. The groovy dance track is of course another opportunity for an impactful performance from the group. And it’s a great way to recognize their growth over the years as well.

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