Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 17 – Divergence I: Welcome! To the New Season!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

The Big Brother Edition of the DGP begins with a special season premiere episode. After Ace and Neon make their grand entrance at the Temple, two new old players are introduced: genius quiz king Isuzu Daichi, Kamen Rider Nadge-Sparrow and athletic Ganaha Sae, Kamen Rider Lopo.

While Ace tells Neon they were finalists in a previous season, Keiwa makes his entrance as the fifth player though nobody seems to care.

They head out for the first round in which they must protect the city from the Jyamato delinquents and defeat the Principal Jyamato inside the school. The five players henshin and get to fighting. Both Daichi and Sae tell Neon and Keiwa to stay out of their way.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

During their break in the green room, Tsumuri announces that they will be boarding here at the DGP compound for this season. The new Game Master, Chiram, makes his flamboyant appearance and explains to them that the players’ private lives are now an interesting part of the show. Especially since TPTB have chosen one of them as a “Deza Star” who will sabotage them. If the Deza Star can make it to the final round without being unmasked, they will have a chance to become the Deza Shin.

Chiram says the potential scheming and backstabbing will make for a more exciting show.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

Back at the DGP, Tsumuri helps Keiwa call his sister to say he’ll be sleeping over at a friend’s house for a while. He tells her to make sure and lock up without him.

Later, Keiwa asks where the DGP is even broadcast since he’s never seen it online or on TV. Before Tsumuri can explain more, Sae throws Keiwa across the room. He had unwittingly sat on the couch that was over the line marking where the girls’ side of the green room is at. Sae rudely tosses his stuff on the floor and Neon seconds the motion.

Keiwa realizes both Ace and Daichi have already blocked off their sleeping areas, leaving him with nothing. He tries to ask Ace if he can share his space with him, but Daichi says Ace is not in and suggests he’s conspiring with DGP bosses as the Deza Star.

Daichi offers up Ace’s use of “highlight” to show that he had known the DGP was a show all along. He is a kitsune, after all.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

Actually, Ace is meeting with Jean, one of his fans. It was Jean who gave him the Jet Buckle and he looks forward to seeing Ace maintain his undefeated streak. They shake hands, but Jean pulls Ace close to him to say he also looks forward to Ace uncovering who he is and why he exists.

Back at the green room, Keiwa asks the two newbies what they wrote on their Desire Cards. Sae says that’s none of his business. Daichi, however, is able to figure out Keiwa and Neon’s desires just by observing their actions. He also correctly figures Sae’s Desire is to maintain her athleticism. For his card, Daichi desires the memories of all humanity since knowledge is power. Ace walks in to say his Desire is to become Game Master.

Daichi says Ace has family in the DGP so he’s most likely the Deza Star. But Keiwa says probably not since that would be too obvious.

All the players are suspicious of each other.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

Meanwhile, Samas asks Niram why Ace’s Desire was not rejected. Niram says Ace will slip eventually as long as he is given the freedom to roam. Then they will know why he claims Mitsume is his mother. They wonder if he could be lying about that too. But Niram acknowledges Ace would have the potential to shake the foundations of the world.

Next day, the players are sent to the Jyamato school. The fighting begins and the players fight their way through the school. While watching, Jean cheers Ace on with the secret mission. And it is Daichi who helps Ace complete it by pointing out the quiet Jyamato student who is actually studying in a classroom. Once Ace defeats the innocent Jyamato, he gets a Gigant Blaster Buckle as a reward.

After finding out the Principal’s office does not exist, Ace uses the new Buckle to build one. That attracts the Principal Jyamato and Sae quickly attacks. The others catch up and have to battle the delinquents. Ace uses a boosted Gigant Sword to finish off the principal for good.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

At the Temple, Tsumuri congratulates them on a good round and says no one will be eliminated. She shows them their approval ratings from the audience and Daichi is in the lead followed by Sae, Ace and Neon. Keiwa is in last with only 1% support. Tsumuri says audience reactions will change based on what happens in the game which in turn affects their individual approval ratings.

Tsumuri points out that even though Ace defeated the principal, it was Daichi who figured out the secret mission first and Sae who was the fastest to reach the principal. So their performance will affect their popularity as much as their results.

The player with the highest approval rating at the end of the final round will be crowed Deza Shin.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

Meanwhile, Michinaga wakes up in the greenhouse. The Gardener says he is the first to actually come back to life. He reveals that he knows Michinaga wants to crush the Kamen Riders.

Michinaga asks what The Gardener’s goals are and he says that they would like to make their ideal world a reality as well. Michinaga is shocked, however, when a ripened Jyamato turns out to have been born from former player Takeshi.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 17 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Man, Geats really is a Dezasutā!

Just kidding. I’m kidding! Lol

This was an interesting episode. Episode 16 feels so long ago. Well, it aired last year of course. But the holiday hiatus coupled with this new Big Brother-ized season of the DGP plus all the new characters; it feels like a very fresh start. I won’t say it feels like a completely different show. But it’s a very different vibe and I can both appreciate it and be kind of meh about it at the same time.

I guess it’s a good thing to spice things up further. I honestly though am more interested in whatever Michinaga ends up doing with The Gardener. And learning more about how the dead Riders become Jyamato fruits.

But with the DGP, I think I’m rooting for Keiwa to be the Deza Star/Dezaster. The aw-shucksKeiwa has helped to make him someone who is very endearing. But I would love to see him shift away from that for a while. Especially with how he was treated this episode. First being invisible at the start and then getting slapped around like a rag doll? I will not stand for the Keiwa slander from lesser characters.


Speaking of, if Keiwa and Neon don’t want to harm their precious Ace, I very much welcome Daichi and Sae. I hope they actually are equals with Ace. Or, I guess, at least close to his level in skill and smarts. Like I’ve whined about for weeks, Ace being an ace can get a bit tiring. So if these two newbies can really rival Ace, even if for fleeting moments until they get killed off and turned into Jyamato fruit, then I will love to see it.

All the other new characters aren’t very impactful and are quite irrelevant so far. The fan and the new Game Master and the rich guy and assistant, at the moment, are just set pieces to help with a sort of world building with the DGP. But until they get more to do and are more consequential, they’re just part of the background for now.

I was sincerely sad for the studious Jyamato getting killed by Ace. He was just catching up on homework for goodness sakes. Tsk tsk. First Keiwa then the studious Jyamato. Bullying the nice guys I see. Hmph!

Anyway! This was an alright episode. It’s a new DGP season. Some new things that could hopefully spice things up. But let’s wait and see if that happens.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 17 – Divergence I: Welcome! To the New Season!

  1. If Daichi and Sae are actually equals, that’d mean they’re better than Michinaga too for the ones who follow DGP before Keiwa and Neon – and they aren’t newbies, they’re veterans.

    Hoping Keiwa’s bad luck here is just a red herring to something instead of just being token butt monkey.

    1. Well, Michinaga will be getting some Jyamato juice so he can become stronger than the old newbies.

      And it’s not bad luck. They were specifically being assholes to him. So I hope he sabotages them all the way out of the game.

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