Filipino Friday, January 6, 2023 – Press Hit Play and 6ENSE

Two new P-pop tracks to start the new year!

“Forever Young” by Press Hit Play

Since my deep dive into P-pop almost a year ago, I’ve really appreciated Press Hit Play. Their music has always been refreshingly unique from the rest of P-pop, That is, in the sense that their title tracks like “WIN” and “Tell Me” have been bright pop vibes. “Tell Me” being a synth-infused retro track was awesome. And back in 2021, I had actually stumbled upon their debut MV “WIN” when it popped up on my YouTube recommendations. I clicked on it and expected a new K-pop group and was pleasantly surprised they were actually Filipino.

Their latest release “Forever Young” fits perfectly in their discography. The positive vibes and message of the track are very relatable as well as fun. And the energetic melody will get you dancing along in no time.

“6oodBoy” by 6ENSE

I don’t know much about rookie P-pop group 6ENSE, but their track “6oodBoy” is definitely one that gets you interested in them. The moody R&B dance track allows the group to deliver a charismatic and impactful performance. I will look forward to seeing what they have in store in the future.

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