Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 16 – Stratagem IR: Fox Hunting

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Despite Tsumuri’s protests, Game Master Girori explains to Keiwa and Neon that this special round will be a fox hunt. He will have his dogs corner the fox into a spot where the two of them can finish him off.

Keiwa does not understand why Riders must fight each other when this was supposed to be a Saving the World game. Girori reminds him of his admirable desire to bring the dead back to life. It’s those kinds of desires that justify the game. Whoever defeats Geats here will be the new Deza Shin.

Girori tells Keiwa that if he does not fight, Ace will just defeat him instead. And for what? Girori shows Keiwa what Ace’s wish is and ridicules it as not worthy of this game.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Neon approaches Ace to confirm the rules for this special round. But their convo is interrupted by Punkjack jumping in to fight Ace. Neon watches in horror as Ace hesitates before destroying Punkjack for good.

Back at the greenroom, Neon tells Keiwa about Win’s demise. She also tells him that she will continue fighting in her own way.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

That night, Tsumuri finds Ace at his secret spot and treats his wounds. He asks if the Game Navigator should really be helping him since it is supposed to be against the rules. Tsumuri says anything the Game Master doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Tsumuri asks Ace why he wishes for such things as being siblings. He says that he would like to know why someone like him was born and what is the reason for his existence. Only his mother knows the answer.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Ace asks if Tsumuri knows anything about a Mitsune. “Wait… it can’t be…” Tsumuri starts. But she says that is not information she is allowed to divulge.

Meanwhile, Keiwa asks his sister if she would grab an opportunity to see their parents again. She says she’s already happy the two of them are living healthy lives. She believes that and finding the right person to spend the rest of their lives with are what their parents would’ve wanted for them.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Keiwa says there are a lot of things he wishes their parents could see. Sara says they should stop talking about this since dwelling on impossible wishes will just make you more miserable.

Keiwa thinks to himself that it is possible though and he decides he will really fight for the world he would like to see.

Over at the Kurama manse, Neon approaches her father. Knowing he is a major sponsor, she believes he can help with her request regarding the special fox hunt.

Next day, Ace is fighting off Girori’s foxhounds when Keiwa appears to him.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Ace remarks that Keiwa looks extra determined today. Keiwa expresses his gratitude for all Ace has taught him so far. But he is now resolved to make his desired world a reality. Nothing wrong with that, Ace says.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

The two of them henshin and battle and it is a more evenly matched fight this time. But Girori decides to insert himself as he arrives and henshins in order to ensure Ace’s defeat.

Keiwa shoots in Ace’s direction, but actually sends the attack at a shocked Girori. Keiwa explains that he knew Girori would show up when he found himself in a pinch.

Niramu appears and says his own eyes have now confirmed Girori’s meddling in the game. With the help of her father’s connections, Neon says that she lodged a formal complaint with producer Niramu about this special round being setup merely to defeat Ace.

Niramu declares that Girori has failed as Game Master. Girori says he is just trying to protect the world from Ace’s useless wishes. Keiwa speaks up and says no wish or desire is worthless since people have put their lives on the line playing the DGP in order for those wishes to become reality. And what Girori is doing is stepping all over those precious desires.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Girori thinks they are fools for letting their opportunity at their ideal world go to waste. Neon henshins and she, Ace and Keiwa team-up to take Girori on.

Niramu stops the fight and snaps his fingers, forcing Girori to dehenshin and then start to disappear. Girori points out that the Jyamato are continuing to evolve and without him, there is no way they can fend them off. Niramu says Girori is more than replaceable.

Niramu thanks Ace, Keiwa and Neon before leaving with Girori’s Driver.

Ace acknowledges that he got outwitted today. Keiwa says tanukis can be pretty shifty. Neon adds that cats are too.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Keiwa tells Ace about Girori showing him his wish of wanting to be a part of DGP staff. He supposes that it has something to do with Ace finding his mother. (Neon had Marites’d about it to Keiwa.)

From now on, they can compete fair and square.

Ace says they will probably cut this DGP season short because of what’s happened. Tsumuri comes in to confirm that is exactly the case. But also that the three of them get Priority Boarding for the next time.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Meanwhile over at the greenhouse, the gardener tastes Michinaga’s fingers and believes a side effect of using the Zombie Buckle a lot is that Michinaga is still alive. The gardener was hoping to turn Michinaga into fertilizer.

Back at the temple, Tsumuri explains that the DGP is not just a game to save the world but also a Reality Rider show in which saving the world is entertainment. And they have a big audience everywhere.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 16 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So I was definitely expecting something huge since it’s Christmas Day and they go with no credits. That’s usually a combination for some crazy, shocking, emotional material. But while an above-average episode of Geats, it certainly wasn’t anything to write home about. Just enough to write about here on a blog. lol

So the big “shocker” for this episode is the revelation that the DGP is actually ビッグブラザージャパン/Big Brother Japan. I guess I’d be more surprised if they hadn’t already established that this was a Squid Game-type of rich people entertainment. It’s a little odd though since it’s supposed to be a reality show, but only available exclusively to premium subscribers I guess. It’s not airing on TV Asahi or something, you know? So the Squid Game vibes of being an exclusive and twisted game to the death is still the same even without the Big Brother eyes popping out at the end. But the revelation definitely sets up the next arc of the season.

The more interesting development was seeing Michinaga get his fingers licked by the gardener. Talk about twisted! Lol

But Girori’s end definitely signals a clear reference point in this season. His relatively quick downfall kind of brings home the sketchy aspects of the DGP. Definitely a good way to introduce those behind the scenes things that sort of led up to the Rider Reality reveal. But also setting the stage for the entrance of TPTB at the DGP, who will most certainly be much more dangerous and suspicious than Girori.

I suppose Keiwa’s wish of resurrecting dead people will have to wait. But with Michinaga looking like he’s ready to garden and a group of new players coming in once again, maybe resurrecting the dead players will wait for the endgame instead.

I guess the revolving door of secondary tertiary Riders is another unique aspect of the season (alongside Ace not being your typical title Rider). By now, it’s pretty clear who our main secondary Riders are. It’s one of the things to get used to with Geats They’ll be shuffling in new players (which is perfectly in line with the DGP side of the story) to use whenever convenient to further the plot. And that’s fine. I crave more plot on Geats.

The most interesting overall idea is still Ace’s search for the meaning of life. His life, that is. I would prefer it actually move to the forefront of the season. He’s going one small step at a time when I wish he’d take huge leaps instead.

Like I’ve mentioned, it can get tiring when Ace continues to always be eight steps ahead of everyone else. So it was great to see him all beat up this episode. Even if for a moment. The scene he had with Tsumuri was great.

As was the scene with the Sakurai Sibs too. A great moment talking about their parents and seeing the contrast between them about the hidden DGP world around them.

Keiwa is back to his main character-self this episode. And it was great to see. Being able to outfox the fox was good and the kind of W Keiwa needs to have more often. None of this soft, “I want to kiss Ace’s ass” mentality he and Neon have had.

Speaking of, it’s good Neon took the initiative to approach her father. But for her, I hope her father being a major sponsor will play a big part in her character arc as well.

Overall, a stronger episode than usual. Definitely an above average Geats episode and it was very nice to see.

10 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 16 – Stratagem IR: Fox Hunting

  1. I would like to say that the Garden scenes has been the creepiest scenes Kamen Rider has had in a while. It’s a fate worse than death, as your soul can never find rest.

  2. There’s a saying that ‘the fox has seven disguises, but the tanuki has eight’. But dunno if this aspect of Keiwa will stick later. Previously it was good though that Keiwa and Neon’s improved fighting abilities stick (but not on final boss fighting level, like Michinaga).

    Don’t you think that Keiwa “kisses Ace’s ass” though in him defending his wishes against Girori who views it as trivial?

    1. I think it would’ve been good to push that idea more of Keiwa wanting to defend everyone’s wishes, regardless of what they are. In the previous weeks, it was all just them feeling insecure about not being as good as the ace. But I think having Neon and Keiwa learn of Ace’s goal (expose DGP, finding mother, etc.) and then slipping into that “follow the leader” dynamic, then it could have given some nice opportunities for story.

      Also, they missed some chances to use Girori’s meddling and the general brutal nature of the DGP to also drive Keiwa’s awakening, so to speak. Two of the strongest moments this episode were Keiwa pondering about resurrecting their parents and then later him defending Ace’s desire card. So it would’ve been a good lead-up had they gone that direction.

  3. Good to see Keiwa stepping up finally after a long time. The show is much better when that way. I think maybe making Keiwa and Neon be the more traditional heroes (without moping around all the time) is good to balance Ace and his own personal goals regarding his mother and all that. Can’t be one or the other all the time.

  4. Yeah the revelation that this is a Reality Riders TV show wasn’t really that much of a surprise. I mean it makes sense since they have sponsors.

    And the Gardener continues to be weird and creepy.

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