Music Monday, December 12, 2022 – XEED, Niel, ITZY

A strong debut and strong comebacks featuring XEED, Niel and ITZY.

“Dream Land” by XEED

Rookie group XEED make a strong first impression with their debut title track “Dream Land.” It is a charismatic performance of an energetic track where the group is able to skillfully introduce themselves through their vocals and dance. The rest of the album’s songs are similarly great and gives a taste of their versatility moving forward. It is a very good start for XEED and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them.

Check out XEED and “Dream Land” on Amazon Music:

“A to Z” by Niel

“In Your Space” by Niel

Teen Top’s Niel makes his solo comeback with double title tracks “A to Z” and “In Your Space.” Between the two, I prefer the slow vibes of “In Your Space.” But both tracks are great hip-hop/R&B-laced dance tracks that very much showcases Niel’s unique vocals and ever-present charisma. The rest of the album, also called A to Z, is filled with songs of a similar vibe as well. I think my favorite track is the nostalgic tinge of “Forever Young.”

Check out Niel and “A to Z” on Amazon Music:

“Cheshire” by ITZY

I have no idea why ITZY has been getting quite a lot of negativities thrown at them from fans and non-fans alike. But cancel all that out and just focus on the music. And their latest title track “Cheshire” is some good music. I haven’t been a fan of every ITZY title track so far, but “Cheshire” is something that’s closer to what I loved from them when they first debuted. They strayed away from that for a while, but seem to be slowly leaning back toward it. And that’s a good thing for me. The other three tracks on the album include the previously released “Boys Like You” (which I liked) and the also solid “Snowy” and “Freaky.”

Check out ITZY and “Cheshire” on Amazon Music:

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