Saturday Sounds, December 3, 2022 – KARA’s 15th Anniversary Comeback

“When I Move” by KARA

Hearing that KARA would be making a comeback for their 15th anniversary was a wonderful and welcome surprise. Along with the Wonder Girls, KARA was one of the very first girl groups (or really, K-pop groups period) that I became a fan of when I first got swept up in the Korean wave. Nicole was (is!) my bias and Gyuri was (is!) my bias wrecker.

Over the years, their big early hits like “Mister” or “Wanna” or “Honey” would still be a regular part of my playlists. While listening to “Lupin” and “Jumpin” and “Step” will always get me moving to the catchy beat.

The group has experienced the highest of highs and sadly also tragedy. But they have already cemented their place in Korean music history as one of the most popular and successful K-pop groups.

In the year or two before their now-hiatus, the group kind of strayed away from the sound and style they had become known and loved for. But their big comeback track “When I Move” definitely returns to those early days of catchy hooks and charismatic charm.

The rest of the album Move Again features a similar vibe in “Shout It Out” while also including the acoustic ballad “Oxygen” and the modern pop song “Happy Hour.”

It’s really wonderful to see KARA back. But also happy to see the members doing well in their solo careers as well.

Check out KARA and “Move Again” on Amazon Music:

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