Music Monday, November 28, 2022 – TEMPEST, TO1, NTX, Gomak Boys

Four great tracks from TEMPEST, TO1, NTX and Gomak Boys.

“Dragon” by TEMPEST

Rookie group TEMPEST switches it up for their latest comeback title track “Dragon.” They debuted earlier this year and made their first comeback in September with more bright, youthful tracks. My favorite tracks from them are actually the poppier “Just a Little Bit” and “I’ll Be There (To You)” from their debut. But “Dragon” is a much more charismatic hip-hop-infused dance track that still has touches of their earlier pop style. It’s a good song and an even better performance from the rookies. The other three tracks on the album ON and ON might be more my speed though, especially “Raise Me Up” which could become my new favorite from them.

Check out TEMPEST and “ON and ON” on Amazon Music:

“Freeze Tag” by TO1

TO1’s “Freeze Tag” is a fun pop-dance track. Though it sounds very similar to their last comeback “Drummin’,” I think I prefer this one a bit more. The group gives a great energetic performance. And the song’s playful lyrics make for an enjoyable listen. The rest of the album is solid as well. My favorite B-side, like it was for their last release, is the closer, this time entitled “Fill In”

Check out TO1 and “UP2U” on Amazon Music:

“Old School” by NTX

I haven’t been following NTX since I first checked them out last year. But it’s great to see their latest release “Old School.” The song is indeed a retro-infused pop-dance track. And it carries the same vibe as “Kiss the World” which I enjoyed. “Old School” is also a bright, youthful track that makes for a fun performance from the group. “Vintage Girl,” the single’s B-Side track, is also a great mood maker of a song as well.

Check out NTX and “Latecomer” on Amazon Music:

“Sweet Thing” by Gomak Boys

Gomak Boys are a project group from Kakao featuring soloists and members of Hoppipolla and MeloMance. “Sweet Thing” is a sweet midtempo track that definitely shows off the group’s wonderful vocals and harmonies. It is a refreshing song and a great performance from the group. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing what they have in store.

Check out Gomak Boys on Amazon Music:

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