Filipino Friday, November 25, 2022 – Sheryn Regis, 1st.One, VXON & Zephanie, Sarah Geronimo

For this week’s Filipino Friday, a diverse mix of tracks (new and less-new!) from Sheryn Regis, 1st.One, VXON & Zephanie and Sarah Geronimo.

“Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw” by Sheryn Regis

Without TFC or GMA Pinoy TV, the extent of my being updated on Filipino entertainment is limited to whatever pops up on social media. Or for things I actually follow. So pardon my living under a rock that I only learned a song like Sheryn Regis’ “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw” even existed just a few weeks ago. Now since then, I’ve learned that the song became popular being sung by another artist and as a theme song for a teleserye. But Sheryn’s original version was what I discovered first. And WOWOWOWOW.

Absolutely breathtaking song. And of course a stunning performance from THE Sheryn Regis. She’s always been one of the most powerful voices in OPM. Indeed, she was called the “Crystal Voice of Asia.” She stepped away from the spotlight for a few years, from what I remember. Other tsismis aside, I was really happy to see her release new music. And with a song like “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw,” oh boy. Listening to it for the first time, you can’t help but really appreciate and love it. But watching a LIVE performance video of Sheryn with the song… AMAZING. Really will leave you speechless.

And then in looking up more about the song and learning about how the song was very personal to Sheryn (not to mention the dramatic, emotional music video that was filmed for the song), it really just elevated the song to heights even beyond the levels it already reached on the strength of Sheryn’s performance. There are really not enough words to describe the track. Sheryn Regis is always sure to deliver an amazing performance. But this track really stands out especially as Filipino music moves heavily toward P-pop and away from the power ballads of the 2000s. Quite refreshing, but also very stunning.

Check out Sheryn Regis’ “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw” on Amazon Music:

“Dahil Sa Mahal Kita (Love Over Thousand Years)” by 1ST.ONE

Speaking of emotional and powerful, P-pop group 1st.One also wows with the release of “Dahil Sa Mahal Kita (Love Over Thousand Years).” Having released some powerful dance tracks so far, this ballad shows off a different side of the group. The throwback OPM power ballad feels are strong and definitely welcome. It has just enough of a modern touch that it can fit alongside those memorable OPM ballads from the past and in contemporary P-pop as well. Really a great track and strong performance from the talented group.

Check out 1st.One and “Dahil Sa Mahal Kita” on Amazon Music:

“Luv Is” by VXON and Zephanie

VXON and Zephanie come together for the retro-infused “Luv Is,” theme song for an upcoming GMA youth-oriented series. It is a bright, energetic and youthful dance track. And the music video, featuring the cast, gives a perfect preview of those vibes and the series.

Check out VXON and Zephanie’s “Luv Is” on Amazon Music:

“Dati Dati” by Sarah Geronimo

The queen is back! Sarah Geronimo signals her comeback with the release of “Dati Dati” a few weeks ago. The song is an enjoyable mix of disco-tinged midtempo pop with some rock-infused riffs. Overall, it’s a big moodmaker and definitely a vibe. It also continues Sarah’s maturing sound and always evident talent.

Check out Sarah Geronimo’s “Dati Dati” on Amazon Music:

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