Thursday Tunes, November 17, 2022 – JUST B, DRIPPIN, VICTON

New tracks from JUST B, DRIPPIN and VICTON.

“ME= (Naneun)” by JUST B

JUST B marks the beginning of the next chapter with the release of their latest album (NEUN) and its title track “ME= (Naneun)”. It’s an interesting rock-infused pop track that’s definitely different from their previous titles. But it’s a good way to show the group’s growth and diversity as they move forward. Other tracks on the album are perhaps a more familiar sound from JUST B such as “Domino” and “Ready or Not”. There’s also R&B track “Cherry on Top.” My favorite track from the album though is the mellow vibe of “Night Stroll.”

Check out “(Neun)” and JUST B on Amazon Music:

“The One” by DRIPPIN

It’s been great to watch DRIPPIN grow with every release. This year with their Villain series, the group really took a step forward toward a more mature sound and style. Rock-infused “The One” is an energetic track. Of their title tracks this year, it might not be my favorite from them. But it does a good job of bringing together that charismatic style with the group’s youthful energy.

The rest of the album Villain : The End has a great mix of songs including intro “I.N.O,” another rock track in “Monster,” sweet ballad “Home,” pop-dance tracks “Utopia, “Escape” and the closer “When I’m With You,” hip-hop-tinged “Déjà vu,” the anthemic “Champion” and my favorite off the album “Silence.”

Check out “Villain : The End” and DRIPPIN on Amazon Music:

“Virus” by VICTON

This is definitely a bittersweet comeback for me from VICTON. Heo Chan was my bias and one of my favorite idols. So it was very disappointing upon learning what happened. The only thing now is hoping he can reflect on his actions to improve himself. And at the same time, wishing VICTON all the best as well as they continue in the industry.

“Virus,” the title track of their latest album Choice, is an interesting alternative hip-hop track that continues VICTON’s style shift while including touches from many of their previous releases as well. It’s a charismatic, stylish track. Of the other tracks from the album, my favorite is “Time Chaser.”

Check out “Choice” and VICTON on Amazon Music:

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