Thursday Tunes, November 3, 2022 – Rie (OnlyOneOf), EPEX, ATBO, TFN

Thoughts and prayers to all those who lost loved ones in the Itaewon crowd crush. And may all those who died, rest in peace.

Four great tracks and comebacks from last week featuring OnlyOneOf’s Rie, EPEX, ATBO and TFN.

“Because” by Rie (OnlyOneOf)

OnlyOneOf’s “undergrOund idOl” series has really been a wonderful opportunity for each member to show off their unique talents and flavors with solo tracks. They’ve also been accompanied by eye-catching music videos, again exemplifying the group’s creativity and artistry. “Because” by Rie might be my favorite release so far. (And the releases by KB, Yoojung and Junji have all be excellent already.) The pop-rock-infused track has this great, dreamy vibe that matches Rie’s soft vocals. The atmosphere is excellently depicted in the very cinematic music video. At first glance, you might think you’re watching a trailer for a feature film. The song and Rie’s performance definitely capture the feelings of first love and the complicated feelings (happy and sad) that come with it.

Check out OnlyOneOf’s Rie and “undergrOund idol” on Amazon Music:

“Hymn to Love” by EPEX

EPEX returns with their latest title track “Hymn to Love” and it is a fun, clever pop-dance track. You can’t help but groove along to the group’s energetic performance and catchy synth-infused melody. The rest of the album Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1 – Puppy Love is very good. With this next series of releases, it would seem the group is heading towards a brighter, though still strong and charismatic concept. And the other three tracks “First Love’s Law,” “Love Bomb” and “The Vow” definitely fit that vibe. “The Vow” might be my favorite of the three.

Check out EPEX and Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1 – Puppy Love” on Amazon Music:

“Attitude” by ATBO

ATBO make their first comeback and title track “Attitude” is a perfect follow up to their great “Monochrome” debut. The confident and charismatic dance track is a catchy and addictive melody. And like the title suggests, ATBO is able to showcase that attitude and swag that you can’t help but appreciate and groove along with. The rest of the album The Beginning: Blossom is a diverse collection of pop, hip-hop and R&B. My favorite aside from “Attitude” is the rock-infused “The Way.”

Check out ATBO and “The Beginning: Blossom” on Amazon Music:

“Amazon” by TFN

The group formerly known as T1419 return for a fresh start now as TFN with their latest album Before Sunrise Part 4. “Run Up,” which they released as a special single a couple of months ago both in Japan and Korea, will be one of my favorite songs of the year. And I was kind of hoping for their official comeback to be in a similar vibe. Title track “Amazon,” might not be what I was expecting. But it is certainly a song that nonetheless commands attention from fans and new listeners alike. I admit, I haven’t been a big fan of T1419’s title tracks so far until “Run Up.”

But I very much enjoy “Amazon” and is probably my favorite title from them aside from the aforementioned track. Even when I didn’t have their earlier title tracks on repeat, I still appreciated how talented they were. They would always give big, energetic performances. “Amazon” is the first track in the same style as those earlier ones that I really immediately enjoyed. The rest of the album matches that quality and energy as well. Of the four other tracks, I like “Bloom” the most.

Check out TFN and “Before Sunrise Part 4 on Amazon Music:

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