Music Monday, October 24, 2022 – N.Flying, ITZY, OnlyOneOf, DUSTIN

A diverse quartet of tracks from N.Flying, ITZY, OnlyOneOf, DUSTIN.

“I Like You” by N.Flying

N.Flying’s latest title track “I Like You” is a fun, witty song about the overwhelming feelings after falling in love. The good vibes are accompanied by the band’s always engaging performance. And the rest of the album Dearest features a great mix of quiet ballads and rousing pop-rock. Another strong release from N.Flying.

“Boys Like You” by ITZY

ITZY’s pre-release English-language track “Boys Like You” is a fun pop track. You can definitely imagine hearing this track in a popular 1980s American teen coming-of-age film. And the music video is a great match for that retro vibe. It’s great to see ITZY continuing to diversify their discography.

“Cheating Woman” by OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf recently released a new Japanese track “Cheating Woman” (ズルい女) and it’s very much a J-pop twist on their signature flirtatious sound and style. A good track that fits very well in their discography.

“Crazy” by DUSTIN

I got to meet a new K-pop group (to me) at an unexpected place this week. That place was Wowowin! And the group is DUSTIN. Originally debuting in 2019 before re-debuting last year, DUSTIN traveled to the Philippines for some mall shows and TV guestings. And one of the TV appearances was on Wowowin.

Because Wowowin and ALLTV have stopped uploading any videos online to drive people to watch over the air instead, the only video available from their guesting is this video of someone recording their TV. And it’s a nice treat as it is of the group singing Willie Revillame’s “Ikaw Na Nga.”

I decided to check out their music and their latest release is “Crazy.” It’s a solid pop-dance track that’s actually reminiscent of the 2nd generation K-pop sound. It makes the song stand out and a refreshing change of pace from the songs being released by many K-pop groups today. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them.

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