Saturday Sounds, October 22, 2022 – WEi, UP10TION, Wonho and JO1

Great tracks from WEi, UP10TION, Wonho and JO1.

“Spray” by WEi

Usually, my favorite songs from a WEi release would be a B-side track even if I do enjoy their titles. But for their latest album Love Pt.2 : Passion, title track “Spray” turns out to be my fave this time. It’s a powerful track that blends together a charismatic image and a romantic message. It’s an exciting and energetic showcase for the talented group.

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“What If Love” by UP10TION

UP10TION’s “What if Love” is definitely different from their comeback at the beginning of the year (which is still one of my favorite releases this year so far). The pop-dance track started off a bit strange for me. I was honestly almost a bit disappointed at first. But as the song continued, it really picked up. And ultimately, “What If Love” is a great follow-up after all. The soft, sexy vibe of the song matches well with UP10TION’s dependable performance. You always know they will deliver. And they definitely do here.

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“Don’t Regret” by Wonho

It’s wonderful to have a title track from Wonho like “Don’t Regret.” It’s a great showcase for his versatility and a reminder that he is definitely more than just his sexy image. Of course, that charisma is still very much a part of his performance. But this moody, dramatic performance of the rock-infused midtempo pop track allows a look at a different side of Wonho that might get lost amongst his more attention-grabbing content.

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“SuperCali” by JO1

JO1 just released their latest album Midnight Sun and its title track “SuperCali” is a creative, meaningful song about growing up in an uncertain world. Playing on the word made popular by Mary Poppins, the song takes a magical approach to being able to face the hardships of the world around them. JO1 always delivers strong performances and that’s definitely the case once again here.

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