Thursday Tunes, October 13, 2022 – Fresh Tracks from Two of My Favorites, Park Jihoon and Baekho

Two of my favorite artists release some amazing music this week! Enjoy these tracks and albums from Park Jihoon and Baekho!

“Moon&Back” by Park Jihoon

“Nitro” by Park Jihoon

I really became a fan of Park Jihoon when he made his solo debut. He’s released some excellent music since then. And he did such a good job on one of my favorite dramas of 2021. So I’ve definitely been looking forward to this comeback. And he absolutely delivers.

First, I immediately loved pre-release track “Moon&Back.” The dreamy R&B track with Jihoon’s soft voice reminds me of some of my favorite tracks of his, especially “Paradise.” And its vibe fits perfectly with the romantic lyrics.

Title track “Nitro” is a very pleasant surprise. I love the retro, synth-infused vibe. Actually, together with the music video, I very much got some Akira vibes too. And I love Akira, so mix that with Park Jihoon whom I also love, that’s a perfect combination once again. Jihoon’s performance is a mix of softness and charisma that really makes the whole thing so captivating and exciting to watch and listen to.

The rest of the album The Answer is just as great. Intro track “Silence” sets the tone immediately, leading into “Nitro” and “Moon&Back” before the smooth R&B track “Frame” and midtempo, guitar-backed pop track “Don’t Tell Anyone.” The synth-infused “Midnight” closes out the album the same way it started. And all together, it is an excellent collection of new music from Park Jihoon.

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“No Rules” by Baekho

It is so exciting to see Kang Dongho aka Baekho officially making his solo debut. He was always my NU’EST bias. So getting to finally listen to his solo album Absolute Zero is a big treat. Title track “No Rules” is a bass-backed and rock-infused track that is both romantic and sensual. Baekho’s vocals just glide across the addictive melody for an impactful performance.

There’s not a skippable track among the rest of the songs on the album either. The album opens with the romantic, night drive-ready “Festival in My Car” followed by the synth-infused pop-rock “Love Burn.” Synth also powers “We Don’t Care No More,” the dreamy track which features June One of indie band Glen Check who also participated in writing and composing it. R&B tracks “Bad 4 U” and “Wanna Go Back” featuring Sik-K close out the album.

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