Thursday Tunes, October 6, 2022 – KINGDOM, ONEWE, MIRAE, CRAVITY

Some great comeback tracks from KINGDOM, ONEWE, MIRAE and CRAVITY.

“Long Live the King” by KINGDOM

KINGDOM never disappoints. And the title for their latest comeback track fits perfectly for this talented group. “Long Live the King” indeed. The track has all the unique qualities of their previous titles. That distinctly regal and traditional touch with contemporary pop-dance melodies. “Long Live the King” has a bit more modern flair this time, as evidenced as well with the choreography and its accompanying music video. And it’s a great progression for the group as they continue with their epic series of releases.

As always, the rest of the album contains some great B-side tracks. This time, my favorite is “Period.” But “Destiny,” “Waka Waka” and “Poison” are also great.

Check out “History of Kingdom : Part V . Louis” by KINGDOM on Amazon:

“Still Here” by ONEWE

It’s been a nice trend seeing artists preparing lots of fresh music and content before enlisting for mandatory military service. That way, their fans and the public will be able to enjoy these fresh releases even while the artists are serving in the military. That’s exactly the case with ONEWE as they release the stunning, beautiful new ballad “Still Here.” It’s the kind of song and performance you can always expect from the talented band. And it is especially wonderful to have it at this time while waiting for the members to safely return.

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“Drip N’ Drop” by MIRAE

The addictive melody and more charismatic performance of MIRAE’s latest “Drip N’ Drop” is a great step forward in the talented group’s continued growth. The rest of the album Ourturn features a nice mix of rousing dance tracks like “Welcome to the Future” and “What Are You Doing” as well as the surprisingly sensual midtempo “Daydreamin'” and “Falling Stars.”

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“Party Rock” by CRAVITY

CRAVITY returns with the bright, funky “Party Rock.” The youthful, energetic vibe easily makes it a fun, enjoyable track. The rest of the album New Wave follows suit with similar tracks across different genres. My favorite track is “Colorful.”

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