Thursday Tunes, September 22, 2022 – Ha Sung Woon, BXW, NOA, MUSTB

Continuing to catch up on some good music I missed the last few weeks, enjoy these great K-pop and J-pop tracks for the season from BXW, NOA, Ha Sung Woon, MUSTB.

“Focus” by Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon’s latest comeback title track “Focus” allows him to show off his undeniable charisma and performance skills. The sensuous dance track has his vocals glide across a rhythmic melody. The mini album Strange World will be his last release before military enlistment and it is a strong group of songs to leave his fans to listen to while he’s serving. “Too Little Too Late” featuring Jamie is a particular highlight, though the entire album is repeat-worthy.

Check out “Focus” and Strange World on Amazon:

“Playground” by BXW with Sato Takashi

BXW is back with another new track “Playground” featuring former Produce 101 Japan trainee Sato Takashi (Ryuji). The bright, summery track is a sweet pop song that reminds everyone of the groups great versatility.

“Paradise” by NOA feat. tofubeats

Speaking of summery, NOA’s latest track “Paradise” has a great, laid back and romantic vibe. NOA has continued to release excellent tracks and “Paradise” is definitely another one.

“La Senorita” by MUSTB

It’s been a while since I’ve heard some new music from MUSTB. But their latest title track “La Senorita” is a great song to reintroduce anyone to the group. The Latin-infused dance track is a colorful song that the group accompanies with a strong performance.

Check out La Senorita on Amazon:

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