Thursday Tunes – September 15, 2022 – Vincent, Kim Jae Hwan, Bernard Park, Kim Jaejoong

Enjoy these four great tracks from four talented soloists! Featuring Vincent, Kim Jae Hwan, Bernard Park, Kim Jaejoong.

“We Are Young” by Vincent

I first discovered singer-songwriter Vincent thanks to Arirang’s Pops in Seoul back in 2018. His songs like “Talk About,” “No More Lonely Night,” and “Thinking About” have been on my repeat playlist since. His last release was “Burn It All” in 2019, so seeing him post about a brand-new track was very exciting. And “We Are Young” definitely does not disappoint. The stunning, moody track makes full use of Vincent’s silky-smooth vocals as they glide across atmospheric melody. The track crescendos into an electronic section that is dramatically jarring, but in a good way. “We Are Young” is very much a great introduction for anyone who might not be familiar with his work. And of course, a welcome return for fans who have waited for his comeback.

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“Back Then” by Kim Jae Hwan

I really loved Kim Hae Hwan’s rock-focused album last year. A few of the songs from that album made my favorite songs of the year list. And while his ballad-focused release earlier this year was great, his latest comeback title track “Back Then” reminds me so much of the songs I loved from him last year. It’s not the typical sound you’d hear from a K-pop artist, which is always refreshing. But Kim Jae Hwan being such a versatile artist, it is especially enjoyable and addictive to have a song like “Back Then” to add the playlist. The rest of the album Empty Dream is a showcase for that versatility. And upon first listen, “Back Then” immediately makes a case to be included in my year-end list.

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“All Day” by Bernard Park

Bernard Park came back with the sexy “Bad Influence” last November, seeing him try something different and absolutely delivering. He follows that up with something perhaps more familiar to fans and music lovers alike who have come to appreciate him and his talents. Title track “All Day” is a meaningful and sweet track that features Bernard’s soft, yet powerful vocals. The music video is a must watch! The song leads the mini-album To Whom It May Concern which also includes the mellow “Friend Zone,” upbeat “Happy,” melancholic “Crossroad” and ballad “Giving Tree.” A great collection of tracks from Bernard Park.

Check out “All Day” and To Whom It May Concern on Amazon:

“Nobody Like You” by Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong is finally back with some new music. And “Nobody Like You” is an addictive and bright pop dance track. The sweet, feel-good lyrics are brought to life by Jaejoong’s familiar vocals and a vibrant music video. Together, it’s a complete package of a performance from a veteran artist who always delivers.

The rest of the album Born Gene is also a great collection of songs including a collaboration with SF9’s Zuho on “Tick-Tack,” funky “BPM” and “In the Rain,” ballad “I Want to Ask You,” dreamy “Locking Love,” rock-ballad “Broken Mirror” and energetic “Walking on Water.”

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