Thursday Tunes – September 8, 2022 – ONEUS, Boy Story, VXON, SB19

Check out these four great comebacks from ONEUS, Boy Story, VXON and SB19.

“Same Scent” by ONEUS

I’ll admit, I haven’t taken to ONEUS’ more recent releases as much as I wish I was. But “Same Scent” is definitely different. The reggae-infused dance track is definitely more my speed and harkens back to some of my favorite ONEUS releases. The seductive track is also a bit of a step forward for the group as it is a more mature song and performance compared to their more youthful, energetic tracks.

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“WW” by Boy Story

I will admit, it’s been a while since I’ve heard some new music from JYP Entertainment’s Boy Story. But boy did they return with a bang! “WW” is an amazing track that shows off their growth. And that’s growth as artists and as young men. I remember the cute young pre-teens who first debuted and already making a name for themselves. But now they’ve definitely grown into handsome young men. And along with that, their skills have grown and developed as well. The boys actually took part in writing the song. And it’s great to see them delivering bigger and better performances.

“Fiyaah” by VXON

P-pop rookies VXON are back with their latest single “Fiyaah.” After releasing a diverse series of tracks in the last couple of months both for singles and theme songs, the group returns to the vibes of their debut. “Fiyaah” is a similarly confident song with the lyrics expressing a self-empowering message and accompanied by a strong, charismatic performance.

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“WYAT (Where You At)” by SB19

SB19 prepares to set off on their first world tour with a brand-new track of the same name. “WYAT (Where You At)” is a retro-infused disco-pop dance track that is a refreshing change of pace from the group’s recent powerful and charismatic tracks (both as SB19 and in solo projects). It is great to see the group in a bright and energetic track, showing off their versatility and talents. And definitely getting fans excited for the upcoming major milestones in their career.

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