The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 22 Race Tracker – Leg 8

Milan, Italy to London, England
London, England to Miami, United States
Miami, United States to Beef Island, British Virgin Islands
Old Government House Museum (Road Town)
Queen Elizabeth II Park (Road Town)
Tortola Pier Park (Road Town)
Trellis Bay (Road Town)
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor
Leverick Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda)
The Baths (Virgin Gorda)

It’s not all fun in the sun as the final six teams Race hard in the most competitive Leg yet. Teams stick close together all day and every second counts, all leading up to another nail-biting finish.

Teams cross the Atlantic and arrive in the sunny British Virgin Islands. Teams start their day early with plenty of walking from the Pit Start to the first Route Marker and to the Detour. All while carrying big, heavy stilts.

At the Detour, Taneo & Alas rely on their musical skills to get them through the band performance. But Yassi & Issa and Wilma & Asiana’s shopping and cooking skills manage to not only get them in the lead, but also get them on the first ferry to Virgin Gorda at 9am.

Both Taneo & Alas and Aljur & Vin just miss the 9am ferry by minutes. They have to settle on the 10am ferry, but they hope the other two teams Kaye & Paul Jake and Hidilyn & Julius do not make it. Hidilyn & Julius struggle with the band performance while Kaye & Paul Jake decide to switch to the foodie side of the Detour instead. Though both finish the Detour minutes before 10am, the boys get their wish when a few wrong turns cause the trailing teams to both miss the 10am ferry. They must settle for the 10:30am ferry, an hour and half behind the leading two teams.

The second Detour would prove to be challenging for some teams, however. Aljur & Vin and Taneo & Alas both erase Yassi & Issa and Wilma & Asiana’s one hour lead as the boys power through the sailing Detour. Wilma & Asiana and Yassi & Issa decide to stick with the kitesurfing and that moves them about 15-20 minutes behind the newly leading pair. Hidilyn & Julius, having chosen the sailing as well, even manage to finish the Detour before the sisters, moving them into 4th. Kaye & Paul Jake leave the Detour only 10 minutes behind the sisters.

The Leg’s Road Block would prove to be the deciding factor in today’s Race. The boys maintain their lead through the task. And though Taneo & Alas leave the resort almost 10 minutes ahead of Aljur & Vin, a slow taxi allows the brothers to catch up to the idols at The Baths. It is a footrace search for the hidden Mat and it is Aljur & Vin who manage to find it first and finally claim their first Leg win. Taneo & Alas have to settle for 2nd, but have not left the Top 2 since Leg 4.

Meanwhile, Kaye & Paul Jake depart the resort in 3rd, but Wilma & Asiana are able to make up some time on the way to The Baths and then in finding the Mat quickly. The mother and daughter just edge past the married couple to finish 3rd.

It is down to the final two teams. Both Hidilyn and Issa struggle with the stilts. Issa decides to use the Interchange and Yassi steps in. Though Yassi gets the hang of the stilts a little faster than her sister, Hidilyn gets the thumbs up first and she and Julius head to The Baths.

Yassi & Issa leave the resort almost 10 minutes behind, but arrive at The Baths just seconds after Hidilyn & Julius. It is a mad dash for the hidden Mat. But it is Hidilyn & Julius who find it first, just escaping elimination.

No such luck for Yassi & Issa who go from leading at the start of the Leg to being eliminated.

Old Government House Museum
Road Town, British Virgin Islands
7:00am – Taneo & Alas / Yassi & Issa
7:10am – Wilma & Asiana / Aljur & Vin
7:20am – Kaye & Paul Jake / Hidilyn & Julius
Taneo & Alas
Aljur & Vin
Hidilyn & Julius
Yassi & Issa
Wilma & Asiana
>Kaye & Paul Jake
Teams listed in order of Detour completion.
> or < indicate team switched Detours
Departure from Tortola Pier Park
Yassi & Issa – 8:50am
Wilma & Asiana – 8:54am
Taneo & Alas – 9:05am
Aljur & Vin – 9:10am
Kaye & Paul Jake – 9:50am
Hidilyn & Julius – 9:55am
Ferry to Virgin Gorda
9am Ferry
Yassi & Issa
Wilma & Asiana

10am Ferry
Taneo & Alas
Aljur & Vin

10:30am Ferry
Kaye & Paul Jake
Hidilyn & Julius

Arrival on Virgin Gorda
Yassi & Issa – 9:30am
Wilma & Asiana – 9:30am
Taneo & Alas – 10:30am
Aljur & Vin – 10:30am
Kaye & Paul Jake – 11:00am
Hidilyn & Julius – 11:00am
Wilma & Asiana
Yassi & Issa
Kaye & Paul Jake
Aljur & Vin
Taneo & Alas
Hidilyn & Julius
Teams listed in order of Detour completion.
> or < indicate team switched Detours
Departure from Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor
Aljur & Vin – 11:50am
Taneo & Alas – 12:02pm
Wilma & Asiana – 12:10pm
Hidilyn & Julius – 12:15pm
Yassi & Issa – 12:20pm
Kaye & Paul Jake – 12:30pm
ROAD BLOCK: Wanna get high?
Taneo 5 – 5 Alas
Aljur 5 ^ 5 Vin
Kaye 5 * 5 Paul Jake
Wilma 5 – 5 Asiana
Hidilyn 5 * 5 Julius
Yassi 5 – 5 Issa

Jack 5 * 4 Pat
Herlene 4 * 4 Alex
BJ 3 – 2 Mike
Lara 2 – 3 Marco
Sheena 1 – 2 Jeron
Eya 2 – 1 EJ

Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Red teammate indicates who completed Road Block after an Interchange is used
* indicates team has already used an Interchange
^ indicates team has used an Interchange, but has a 2nd one left
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
Departure from Leverick Bay Resort
Taneo & Alas – 2:05pm
Aljur & Vin – 2:15pm
Kaye & Paul Jake – 2:40pm
Wilma & Asiana – 2:44pm
Hidilyn & Julius – 2:55pm
Yassi & Issa – 3:05pm
The Baths
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Aljur & Vin – 2:50pm
Taneo & Alas – 2:52pm
Wilma & Asiana – 3:19pm
Kaye & Paul Jake – 3:21pm
Hidilyn & Julius – 3:40pm
Yassi & Issa – 3:41pm

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