Music Monday, August 8, 2022 – from20, Shaun, OnlyOneOf’s YooJung and KB

Music Monday might be a bit late this week, but that doesn’t mean these four songs are any less amazing. Here’s four dreamy new tracks from from20, Shaun and OnlyOneOf’s YooJung and KB.

“Chemical” by from20

Kim Raehwan has released some incredible music as from20. And that is definitely the case again with “Chemical,” his synth-infused new single. It is a catchy, upbeat, yet fanciful song that easily grabs your attention and has you feeling its lyrics and melody.

“Road” by Shaun

Shaun is no stranger to catchy and nostalgic tunes. And his latest, “Road,” fits the bill. He does what he does best, this time with a music-only chorus that one can describe as electronic nostalgia.

“begin” by YooJung (OnlyOneOf)

“be free” by KB (OnlyOneOf)

OnlyOneOf are K-pop’s most daring artists. And members YooJung and KB definitely prove that with their partner solo tracks “begin” and “be free.” Both tracks and their accompanying music videos form a captivating experience and depict an engaging romantic story.

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