Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 46 – Courage to Face Each Other… What Should You Really Protect?

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

Gifu gives the Igarashis time to decide if they want to create a new world together. When Gifu leaves through his portal, Vice regains control of his body.

Back home, Vice assures Ikki that he’s okay. Ikki and Daiji bump fists and vow to find a way to defeat Gifu. Vice says he wants to have a soak in the baths to think. Ikki asks him which bathhouse he’s going to. Though Daiji is oblivious to Ikki’s fading memory, Vice grows more worried for him.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

Over at Weekend, Hana scolds Sakura who is scolding Lovekov. Sakura yells at Lovekov to just stay behind during fights. But Hana tells Sakura that she leaves herself vulnerable every time she is distracted with protecting Lovekov. That makes both of them a liability since others have to come to their rescue.

Hana yells that Sakura is supposed to listen to Lovekov since she is her partner. Hana wants Sakura to realize that she is not the only one who has loved ones they want to protect.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

Hiromi visits George who has been working nonstop on something. Hiromi asks why Giffard Rex doesn’t work on Gifu, but George says he’s too busy to entertain his questions.

George says the Igarashis will probably come up with some miracle to deal with their problem anyway. But for him, he must focus on his research. Before Hiromi leaves, George hands him a bow and arrow.

At home, Sakura arrives with Lovekov and Kagerou pops in to give them a clue. They realize that they must not be fighting Gifu’s physical body and that the portal they attacked that released all the bubbled people out must be Gifu’s stomach. Thus, his weakest point they can attack.

They decide to hurt Gifu from inside and outside the stomach.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

When Gifu is spotted in town, they decide to rush out. But Daiji and Ikki say Sakura can stay behind for now until she and Lovekov can work out their issues.

Mama Igarashi tells them to be home before dinner.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

Later, Sakura stamps herself to let Lovekov out of her body. Sakura admits she never let her out because she didn’t want her in harm’s way. She never believed in Lovekov like Ikki and Daiji do their own demons. Both Sakura and Lovekov agree that they want to protect each other. And that realization grows the big line on Lovekov’s back. Sakura also realizes that the line is not an injury, but her growth as a demon.

Over at Weekend Hospital, Hikaru hands Tamaki his Demons Driver. He tells Tamaki to use it to protect his beloved Aguilera and to also have Hikaru’s dear Sakura’s back as well.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

Downtown, Ikki, Vice and Daiji henshin and take on Gifu and his various Juniors. Ikki kicks Vice in through the portal and into Gifu’s stomach. Vice comes face to face with the Gifu slab which begins to shoot at him. Vice tries attacking inside Gifu’s stomach, but gets wrapped up by Gifu’s intestines.

Hana arrives to help, allowing Ikki to go see what’s wrong with Vice. Tamaki arrives and henshins to Over Demons, vowing to protect his Aguilera-sama as well as to repent for his sins.

Sakura arrives and she henshins into Invincible Jeanne, working together with Lovekov instead of keeping her on the sidelines.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

Hiromi arrives to shoot an arrow into some of the Juniors in order to help Daiji and Kagerou.

Ikki says anything is possible with them now. They activate Giffard Rex through the portal. Daiji traps Gifu in an orb and Ikki and Vice deliver a Giffard Finish in and out of Gifu’s stomach.

The Igarashi siblings plus Vice come together as a weakened Gifu laments how disgusting humans are with the demons they produce. The siblings say that humans need their demons. They all try to face their demons and overcome them in order to grow.

Gifu thinks that is absurd. But the siblings say that being foolish, weak, making mistakes and being capable of changing are all part of humanity’s charm. Vice adds that there are even human-loving demons like himself.

Gifu says humanity is doomed then. But the siblings disagree. Ikki says they can all make peace with their inner demons. And the siblings agree that people can henshin for the better.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

The siblings plus Vice deliver a finishing Rider kick to destroy Gifu. For good?

Or not. A strange line appears in the sky.

Meanwhile, an intense George repeats that he is not relying on the power of demons any longer.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

A strange shadowy figure emerges behind him.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 46 Recap

Episode Thoughts

You gotta make peace with your inner demons! That’s what makes humans quirky and charming!

Umm… okay. Sure.

It would’ve been nice if they had spent some time actually fleshing out the idea of everyone’s demons and how they relate to their human “partner.” They abandoned the MOTW quite early which would’ve been one way to help do that. They resolved both Daiji and Sakura’s “inner demons” early as well before tucking the issue away only to bring it back in the 40s when they needed something for them to do. And then they were inexplicably vague with the Deadmans and what they even were or how their demons worked.

Because if the moral of the story is to be BFFs with your inner demons, then why did they kill off Julio and Aguilera to leave Tamaki and Hana? Or not really, because Tamaki and Hana were actually Julio and Aguilera, but not. What?

I dunno. Whatever. That part of the story is apparently over and done with. (Thank God.) Gifu is over and done with too. Quite easily, I might add.

The only positive is that it seems crazyGeorge is finally ready to come out. So hopefully he can shake things up enough in the final four episodes. Of course, I still wish they had done more with George throughout the season instead. But it’s better late than never here. Especially when everything else is nonsense and/or disappointing.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 46 – Courage to Face Each Other… What Should You Really Protect?

  1. All this needed more lead up, and to not have been stuck in what should be the climactic finale. Also stop shuffling/discarding villains so gosh darn fast. You need to build them up.

    1. I definitely agree on both points.
      The supposed-to-be major villains end up looking like Monsters of the Week instead. Which can work, if done well. But they have not done it well.

  2. I feel like this should’ve been one of the season’s biggest episode considering the siblings finally fighting together for the first time in months, Sakura getting her power-up and one of the major villains getting killed off. But it was just flat and not exciting. Completely devoid of emotion or climax.

  3. I am also looking forward to see what George does. But it’s only because I actually like and care about George.

    But it’s also like you’ve said. They’re again picking up what they had dropped and thrown away earlier in the season with regards to George. Probably one of the most glaring of the rewrites that seemed to have happened halfway through. Why build him up so well in the first part of the season, then make him irrelevant like 15 episodes in and now setting him up as some kind of final boss/final obstacle-type of climax.

    Though I shouldn’t say climax since I agree, this isn’t all that exciting or thrilling with the lack of build up and solid development.

    1. That is an excellent point! Really, they should’ve kept George this shady, mysterious gray character throughout the series instead of suddenly making him simply some caring, nice, helpful guy halfway through. I mean, his character really went flat like that with zero development toward it. Now they’re going back to his original personality-ish with Daddy Karizaki’s random “I implanted my demon in you” twist.

      George and his father’s story should’ve absolutely been one of the season’s major plot threads. Not just tacked on here to the final episodes.

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