Music Monday, July 25, 2022 (Extra) – P1Harmony, Xdinary Heroes, GreatGuys, Chung Ha

Enjoy these great comebacks from P1Harmony, Xdinary Heroes, GreatGuys and Chungha.

“Doom Du Doom” by P1Harmony

P1Harmony’s “Doom Du Doom” is the track that I think best blends together the varied sounds of their various title tracks so far. Maintaining that defiant youthful vibe while growing into their own unique style really helps to set them apart from other groups. It’s an immediately likeable and addictive track from the group. And the creative music video is a visual treat.

My favorite track from the album Harmony : Zero In is once again the one that shows off the group’s softer side, the closing track “Different Song For Me.”

“Test Me” by Xdinary Heroes

Xdinary Heroes make their first comeback and release their first mini-album led by the title track “Test Me.” It’s very refreshing to have a band like them truly embracing their rock roots. I think I enjoy “Test Me” a bit more than their debut. The rousing track is as much clever as it is an energetic and confident showcase for the band.

It’s also great to hear more songs from them as well with the album Hello, World!. Each track allows the band to introduce themselves even more, showing off their immense potential and already-honed talents.

“Blind Love” by Great Guys

Great Guys return with the cinematic “Blind Love.” And that refers to both the track and the accompanying music video. The dramatic pop dance track is another great release from the talented, yet underrated group.

“Sparkling” by Chung Ha

It’s great to finally have Chung Ha back with fresh music. Title track “Sparkling” is a fun, bright track which Chung Ha of course effortlessly delivers both with vocals and her performance. The summery “California Dream” is my favorite from the album Bare&Rare.

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