Music Monday, July 25, 2022 – BLITZERS, SUPERKIND, BUGVEL and Woo Jin Young

Catching up on some comebacks I might have missed in the last month, here’s some great tracks from BLITZERS, SUPERKIND, BUGVEL and Woo Jin Young.

“Hit the Bass” by BLITZERS

BLITZERS have had a diverse string of solid releases so far. But “Hit the Bass” has to be their biggest and most impactful yet. Accompanied by a stunning music video filmed in Lahore, Pakistan, the hip-hop dance track is a flashy, confident and charismatic performance from the talented rookies. Though perhaps, this is the track that has them taking that step up to the next level.

The rest of the album Win-Dow is also great with each of the other five tracks just as strong as the title. The dreamy “Slide” and the heartfelt closer “Graduation” are my favorites.

“Watch Out” by SUPERKIND

Rookie SUPERKIND debuted last month and they are definitely an intriguing group. The five-member group includes one virtual AI member and together they make a strong first impression with the title track “Watch Out.” It is such an experience to watch the group’s debut MV. Colorful and fun, the music video very much accentuates the group’s vocal and dance performance of the energetic dance track. I definitely want more though and am very much looking forward to their next releases.

“Heartbreaker” by BUGVEL

Rookie J-pop group BUGVEL returned earlier this month and “Heartbreaker” is a great follow-up to their debut track. The powerful hip-hop dance track is an energetic and charismatic performance from the talented group.

“Delicious” by Woo Jin Young

D1CE member Woo Jin Young made his solo debut last year with the impactful “Happy Birthday.” He returns with his newest track “Delicious” and it’s a similarly attractive and enjoyable track. The catchy melody and Jin Young’s effortless flow make for an addictive song and performance.

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