Music Monday, July 18, 2022 – SF9, Super Junior, ITZY and Jaechan of DKZ

Enjoy these tracks from SF9, Super Junior, ITZY and Jaechan of DKZ

“Scream” by SF9

I don’t think SF9 has released a summery track yet in their careers. Plenty of sexy Latin-flavored title tracks of course. But “Scream” might be the closest they’ve come to the familiar bright summer vibes of many a beach-ready banger. What’s refreshing about “Scream” is it isn’t necessarily a summery track in the traditional sense. But it is definitely a mix of SF9’s charismatic sound and style with the bright colors and energy of the season. I mean, the lack of cloth/amount of skin the guys show in the music video is certainly indicative of that! Lol

But it’s definitely a great song. Though Inseong, Youngbin and Rowoon are certainly still missed a bit. The other five tracks from the album The Wave of9 are also strong and fit with the sunny theme of the title.

“Sneakers” by ITZY

ITZY is back and I am so happy “Sneakers” is more my speed. 😊 I haven’t been much of a fan of their last two title tracks. So seeing and hearing “Sneakers” harkening back to the group’s awesome first couple of singles is a welcome development for me. It still won’t be my favorite ITZY song of all time. But it’s at least closer to what made me love the group immediately from debut. My favorite track from their album Checkmate is definitely the rock-infused pop anthem “Domino.”

“Mango” by Super Junior

This site being DryedMangoez, I have to automatically like a show titled “Mango.” Lol Thankfully, Super Junior’s latest actually does deserve to be liked and put on repeat! “Mango” is a fun pop dance track that definitely shows the boys of Super Junior still got it. Vocals, performance, charisma. It’s still all there. And they can definitely show the youngins a thing or two. The rest of the album The Road: Keep on Going includes the energetic “Don’t Wait” and “Everyday,” midtempo closer “Always” and ballad “My Wish.”

“Our Season” by Jaechan of DKZ

DKZ’s Jaechan releases the theme song of his special series Our Season: Spring. The song of the same title is a great, soft spring-like feel-good track that allows Jaechan an opportunity to showcase his talents on his own.

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