Music Monday, July 11, 2022 – OMEGA X, MCND, ENHYPEN, OWV

Catching up on some great new tracks from these talented groups: OMEGA X, MCND, ENHYPEN, OWV.

“Play Dumb” by OMEGA X

OMEGA X returns with their first full-length album anchored by the fun, summery title track “Play Dumb.” The bright pop-dance track has the guys letting loose and having a bit more lighthearted fun compared to their powerful and charismatic titles so far. It’s an easily enjoyable song and performance from the group. The rest of the album is strong, but my favorite tracks are definitely the romantic “Binary Star” and the rock-infused midtempo track “Dry Flower.”


MCND really got me excited for their comeback with the pre-release track “W.A.T.1.” It ended up being one of my favorite tracks of the year so far. And though the title track “#MOOD” doesn’t match “W.A.T.1” for me, at least upon first listen, it’s still a fun and catchy dance track that is very much in line with what the group has released thus far. I’ll admit, I was hoping for something along the lines of “W.A.T.1,” but that’s alright. “#MOOD” and the rest of the album is solid with a nice mix of different sounds.

“Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” by ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN is always sure to wow with every comeback. And that’s definitely the case with their latest title track “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC).” The hip-hop dance track is a catchy and energetic performance from the talented group. It’s hard not to start bouncing along, especially with the infectious chorus. The softer pre-chorus is also a highlight.

I’ve particularly enjoyed ENHYPEN’s rock-infused tracks from their last albums. And Manifesto: Day 1 has two excellent ones in “TFW (That Feeling When)” and “Shout Out.” But the outro “Foreshadow” is also a captivating song that I wish were a full song, complete with narrated and sung parts. It’s right on the cusp of being an incredibly ethereal track, but somehow relegated to being a just over 2-minute outro. Very interesting.

“Time Jackerz” by OWV

OWV has had some diverse releases so far. Everything from powerful hip-hop dance tracks to bright pop tracks. “Time Jackerz” kind of blends it all together. It is an interesting four minutes and ten seconds. It’s definitely a performance-type of song with the group’s charisma matching with the confident lyrics and powerful melody.

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