Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 42 – Fierce Battle! Crimson Vail and Destream

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

George is shocked to see Daddy Karizaki appear on the battlefield about to Stamp his Driver. Vail swoops in to grab the Tricera Stamp out of his hand and stamps himself instead. Ikki and Vice block Vail from harming Papa Karizaki until Vail suddenly grows weak and disappears.

Meanwhile, Daiji knocks Sakura out of her henshin. He and Ikki glare at each other before Daiji walks away.

Daddy Karizaki stumbles into an underpass and flashes back to moments with little George and his experiments. George thinks back to those moments as well, remembering how he promised to become an even better scientist than his father.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Daddy Karizaki finds Vail who thinks the doctor intentionally set him up with the Stamp and its negative effects. Daddy Karizaki reiterates that it is time they settle the score. He wants to give Vail a new Crimson Vistamp. But Vail thinks it’s another trick.

Daddy Karizaki falls to his knees, growing weaker by the minute. He admits that his life is nearing its end and apologizes for having brought Vail into this world to begin with. He offers the new Vistamp as a way to repent for his sin.

Vail is not immediately convinced. But Daddy Karizaki says this would help Vail face off against Junpei like he’s always wanted.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Over at Ararat HQ, a confused Akaishi cannot believe death is finally coming for him. He is literally wasting away.

Daiji quietly watches Akaishi’s suffering from afar before leaving.

Next day, Ikki tells Vice about Papa Igarashi having commissioned a Driver from George. Sakura overhears and Ikki says their father is intent on settling the score with Vail. Sakura points out that defeating Vail would be dangerous for their father. Ikki says they must stop him. But Mama Igarashi comes out to say that Papa-san is not some weakling.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Mama Igarashi says that their father has henshined three times already without even being a Kamen Rider. And those three times were at the births of his three children. All three of them have been able to help him grow. Ikki and Sakura understand.

George arrives and presents Ikki with the new Destream Driver. Mama Igarashi tells her children to take care of Papa-san and they hurry out.

Ikki and Sakura find Papa Igarashi at the park they used to play at when they were little. Ikki hands him the new Driver and asks why he has decided to do this.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Papa Igarashi says fighting Vail might be able to light a different path for Daiji who is walking in darkness at the moment. That’s what he feels he can offer as a father. Papa Igarashi thanks Ikki and Vice for showing him how one should face their inner demon.

Sakura brings up the dangers of Papa Igarashi potentially defeating Vail and he tells them not to worry.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

At Ararat, Daiji is listening to his father’s voicemail about wanting to settle the score with Vail. When Akaishi pops in and tries to pat his “son” Daiji’s head, Daiji swats his hand away. That causes Akaishi to drop and break his tea cup.

Daiji says Akaishi can go play family by himself and he leaves.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Back home, Mama and Papa Igarashi sit down for dinner. Papa Igarashi apologizes and says them getting together robbed Mama Igarashi from having a normal life. She counters by saying that everyone has their own life’s story. There is no comparing one’s life to others.

Mama Igarashi says no matter what path he chooses, she will be right there beside him. She thanks him for the happy life they’ve had together so far.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Next morning, Ikki and Sakura accompany their father at the quarry. George is shocked to see his father pop up with Vail and asks what he’s doing here. Daddy Karizaki tells George to just watch.

Papa Igarashi says Vail has waited a long time. Vail responds that he ran out of patience a long time ago.

Daiji arrives. But so does Akaishi who shoots at Ikki and Sakura. Ikki and Vice henshin to keep Akaishi from interfering. Daiji also henshins. Sakura tries to stop him, but he just pushes her aside. She picks her Driver up and henshins, engaging her brother in battle.

Vail tells Papa Igarashi he should be focused on helping his family. But Papa Igarashi says his children have grown far stronger than he ever was. Vail is sickened to hear that and vows to destroy everything Papa Igarashi holds dear.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Vail henshins into Crimson Vail using the new Vistamp.

Daddy Karizaki tells George that this is as much their fight as it is theirs.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Papa Igarashi says he is not alone anymore. He uses the Destream Driver to henshin to Kamen Rider Destream. He and Vail battle.

Meanwhile, Akaishi says humanity is doomed to repat their mistakes if Gifu is defeated. Ikki and Vice deliver a finisher that seems to end Akaishi for good. He is forced to dehenshin and turns into sand.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Sakura forces Daiji to dehenshin and tries to get him to understand that their father is risking his life in order to show him something. Daiji turns to watch his father battling Vail with everything he’s got.

Vail tells Papa Igarashi to bring it on. Papa Igarashi says it all ends here. The two of them rev up their finishers and strike. Thinking of Mama Igarashi waiting for them at home, Papa Igarashi is able to deliver a decisive blow. Both of them are forced to dehenshin. But Daddy Karizaki yells over to Papa Igarashi that this is the time.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Papa Igarashi picks up the Driver and punches Vail in the air. George realizes this was the plan all along. Daddy Karizaki flashes back to his moment with Papa Igarashi, saying that he also bears responsibility for what’s happened.

With Vail now in the Driver, Papa Igarashi Stamps himself with it in order to return Vail inside him. He tells Vail to rest now.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Vail asks if he hates him. Papa Igarashi says he will gladly forgive him. Vail realizes this is not the same man he sought vengeance with. Papa Igarashi says he is no longer “Junpei,” but “Igarashi Genta.” Vail acknowledges that, but says he will still never forgive him.

“It’s over now,” Papa Igarashi says.

Daddy Karizaki marvels at George’s creation and says the Driver is proof that his son has already surpassed him. He admits that he has reached his end.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Daddy Karizaki falls to his knees and tells George that he has done a good job. George remembers the same thumbs up from his father when he was a little boy. But this time, it might be the last as Daddy Karizaki collapses.

Papa Igarashi approaches Daiji and says he has forgiven his demon. Daiji too must be able to forgive himself as well.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Papa Igarashi smiles as he pats Daiji on the head just like he would do when Daiji was younger.

Papa Igarashi stands, but immediately collapses. Ikki and Vice catch him before he falls on the ground. Vice confirms that Papa-san is still alive.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Ikki and Sakura reach their hands out to Daiji saying that it is all over know and it is time to head home.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 42 Recap

Daiji is about to take their hands. But suddenly Gifu pops up out of nowhere, sending a huge explosion their way.

Episode Thoughts

What an interesting episode. Honestly, the first thought that came to my mind was that this essentially felt like an Episode 6 of Revice Legacy – Kamen Rider Vail rather than an episode of the main series. And that just reinforced my belief that the events of the Vail miniseries should’ve been part of the main series instead of merely getting dumped onto TTFC.

Because I loved the Vail miniseries so much, I couldn’t help but really, actually, love this episode as well. Far from perfect of course. But having watched and not only enjoyed, but loved the miniseries, this episode was much more impactful for me.

That dinner scene with Mama and Papa Igarashi brought to mind Junpei and Yukimi’s first meal together after she brought him home and saved him. And then the idea that Papa Igarashi was no longer Junpei, but Genta. Without the Vail miniseries, neither of these moments would mean a damn thing.

Two wonderful moments with an actual emotional and narrative foundation. Quite unlike most of what’s been happening on the main series.

Which then brings me back to what’s been my biggest regret or disappointment of Revice. The season has been at its best when the story focused on family. Particularly the Igarashis. But, as this episode pointed out again, also the Karizakis. Or like the fake Ushijimas in recent weeks. Or even the hollow idea of Akaishi just wanting his own family too.

Instead of hiding Papa Igarashi away for months for no reason at all, his story and his conflict with Vail should’ve been center stage. Use that history and have Vail wreak havoc more than he did. We did not see the breadth of what scorned lover Vail is capable of in his quest for revenge. The show could’ve easily tied him in with the Gifu nonsense better than having to push an underdeveloped Akaishi as the chosen prophet or whatever.

Anyway, there was still plenty to nitpick of course. Not the least of which being how everything was going well until that final scene with Gifu popping in and Akaishi still alive. lol

But then there’s Daiji’s story. So apparently it was just all about his pride. Using Papa Igarashi’s last stand against Vail to show Daiji that it’s okay to come home again after fucking up. Uh… okay? Lol.

I really liked the moment between Papa Igarashi and Daiji at the end. It was a perfect contrast to Daiji’s silent disgust at Akaishi patting him on the head like a dog last week and then rejecting the same advance this week. But Daiji’s last minute rebellious phase seems to have amounted to almost nothing. Which is sad as even in the show’s state at this point, they could’ve milked Deep End Daiji for some bigger drama and action before what should be an emotional reunion.

I was reminded though of the supposedly-big moment when the siblings went their separate ways. Figuratively, as it would turn out. Daiji returning to Fenix was supposed to be about him weeding out the rot. Specifically Akaishi.

But whatever. I feel exhausted even just thinking about trying to rehash Daiji’s topsy-turvy descent into madness. We’ll see what they come up with next for him and the fam.

Speaking of fam, the Karizakis have really been shortchanged this season. Absolutely no closure for George and Daddy Karizaki. Their story should’ve gotten a big chunk of screentime as well. Especially between the Dr. Karizaki-JunpeiGenta story and whatever issues George and his father had as well. Just wasted potential and missed opportunity for good story. Particularly when you have a good actor like Noritaka Hamao capable of delivering with good material too.

It’s too bad. But it once again brings me back to my main criticism of the season. Aside from the main theme of “inner demons,” the character-driven side of the season should’ve focused on family. Which it did for a chunk at the start. But dropped and then conveniently picked back up as the season crossed into the 40s.

This episode highlighted some of what went wrong this season. But it also still worked because it was able to draw upon ideas and seeds that had been long-forgotten or tossed to the side in favor of less-interesting things and characters. Seeing the Igarashis take center stage is always a welcome sight for me.

And because of that, I very much enjoyed and yes, maybe even loved this episode. It was definitely the kind of episode deserving of no opening credits. Unlike the other eps that got the same treatment this season.

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  1. omg you hit the nail on the head. I was thinking this episode felt different or something. It really does feel like a direct continuation of Revice Legacy. They even used the theme song of the miniseries too, yes?

  2. They literally could have just thrown out Episode 26 to 40 and swapped in the 12 episodes of The Mystery, Revice Legacy and Dear Gaga and Revice would be immediately better. Top tier even.

  3. So we actually endgame for real this time? Also what changed to make this what kicks of endgame?

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